Three Aspects that Will Decide B2B Marketing Success in 2022

    Three Aspects that Will Decide B2B Marketing Success in 2022-01

    In today’s cookie-less environment, it is crucial that B2B marketers take a fresh approach towards their marketing efforts.

    2022 can finally be the year that B2B marketers are waiting for. After the upheaval, confusion, and chaos in the B2B marketing landscape, B2B marketers can finally take a sigh of relief. The past couple of years has shown B2B organizations the positive impact that B2B marketing has on their overall success.

    As per Statista’s “Change of B2B content marketing budgets worldwide 2022,” 66 percent of the respondents stated that they are planning to increase their B2B content marketing spending over the next 12 months. The same survey also revealed that 20 percent of respondents are planning to increase it by nine percent. While these stats show a promising future for B2B marketing, it is still an uncertain one. Hence, B2B marketers should understand how to live and work with it. They should incorporate the following B2B marketing data and attribution trends that will enable them to get the best results in 2022:

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    • Cookieless targeting

    B2B marketers have perceived cookies as the be-all, end-all digital marketing features that enable them to oversell their vitality to both sides of the spectrum.

    Stepping in a world without cookies requires B2B to remember two corollaries. One is identity-based targeting and behavioral targeting. They should understand how to do both without cookies and should not put off trying to find ROI in zero-identity data.

    B2B marketers should seek partners that utilize signals other than identity to find as well as buy content. Also, first-party data can also provide B2B marketers with precise data, however, they should collect the data in the form of strategy and planning.

    • Adoption of CTV

    With the rise of connected TV (CTV), customers are canceling their cable subscriptions as they have instant access to the desired content. Hence, brands should look at advertising on this particular channel. The benefits that they can reap include better targeting, more accurate tracking and multi-channel integration.

    Instead of treating CTV as a completely different form of marketing, B2B marketers should understand that at the end of the day, their target audience is not only watching business programs but also the content that other consumers are consuming.

    With accurate data and insights, B2B marketers can match the ads to the CTV and buy specifically to the shows and channels customers watch. Also, CTV ads are not skippable, meaning customers will have to watch them. Moreover, CTV is known to offer the highest demonstrable ROI as it is effective in generating and converting demand.

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    • Attribution 

    Previously, customers used to accept that not all elements of marketing directly generate sales. However, with the advancement in martech, this notion has changed. Today, customers expect all the B2B elements to be attributable.

    For B2B marketers, this creates a challenge and raises the question, “How can they get attribution right, especially in the B2B sales where organizations are being held accountable.

    Dealing with it requires B2B marketers to set the suitable parameters and be honest from the beginning about what brands can expect. They should have discussions with the agency or vendor on what they can expect to lead to more successful campaigns that deliver higher client satisfaction.

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