Think Big, Start Small – Top Strategies for Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

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    Empowered with constantly evolving digital tools at their disposal, today’s B2B buyers have become more competent and expect meaningful and personalized experiences while searching for solutions. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve dynamically, it is critical that CMOs take small, deliberate steps for delivering exceptional customer experiences to their users.

    The B2B marketing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, more so since the pandemic turned the world upside down. The acceleration of digital transformation journey left CMOs with no choice but to pivot away from their traditional marketing practices towards building a strategy that can adjust itself to the customer’s changing preferences. Furthermore, many CMOs are currently struggling to obtain monetary investments for their future initiatives with brands finding it difficult to keep their revenue flowing.

    Having said that, CMOs can still convert their disadvantages into opportunities by focusing on delivering exceptional customer service and experience. Instead of coming up with big projects that may go in vain considering the dynamic nature of today’s marketplace, CMOs should start small to reach their business goals centered around customer experience.

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    Below are a few small steps that CMOs can take before deciding to take big steps:

    • Knowing whom to not target

    Since brands have drastically slashed the budgets of their marketing departments, it is critical that CMOs pivot their marketing efforts towards identifying whom they should target and shouldn’t target. They should reassess the opportunities at their disposal and identify accounts that give them the most attention. This will also enable them to optimize their valuable resources.

    • Learning intent of crucial segments

    After identifying whom they should target, CMOs should focus on key segments and break down the details. Taking this step will enable CMOs to determine what their customers in key segments actually care about. They can also leverage keyword-based intent data to capture their buyers’ signals and interpret it when approaching their target prospects.

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    • Knowing who is consuming the content

    Since the customers’ demands and behavior are continuously changing, it is critical that CMOs have the knowledge and the right prospects. Apart from third-party intent data, CMOs should build strategies for their marketers to leverage the ‘dark funnel’ which can be a significant when targeting the right audience. By gathering information about the brands’ website visitors, CMOs can craft an exceptional digital experience that aligns with their prospects and their priorities.

    Nailing the customer experience isn’t easy as it seems. And the accelerated pace of the evolving marketing landscape makes it more difficult for CMOs to deliver the required customer experience. However, taking small but deliberate steps, with the end goal in mind along the way, can help CMOs to deliver a truly exceptional experience that their customers expect and achieve their long-term goals.

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