A better understanding of software knowledge is restricting B2B marketer’s involvement in decision-making, which is ultimately hampering the firm’s growth

.Marketers need to stay updated about the various digital technologies to contribute to marketing decision-making effectively. In many cases, B2B decision-makers are relying on online research for marketing decisions without support from the IT sales and marketing team. This issue has emerged as a massive concern amongst different enterprises. The sales and marketing teams need to adequately understand the product and the market to contribute to the decision-making process; they need to undergo software training and upskilling to.

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Solution providers invest a lot of time and effort adapting to the IT solutions and services to match up the clients’ evolving needs but miss out on updating their marketing strategy to respond promptly to the marketing trends.

Marketing experts need to focus on their digitalization efforts in order to communicate their technical expertise, product benefits, and the value addition effectively. But nowadays, with the enterprises turning digital with more companies being online, they are focusing on doing their research on the front end.

Paul Edwards, Director at IDC, confirmed that 65% of B2B buyers make their purchasing decisions even before they consult a sales representative. He stresses that online marketing usually has the upper hand. Enterprises could be missing out on a lot and losing business to competitors. Still, the IT marketers wouldn’t be aware of it because they aren’t an active part of the discovery phase that happens online.

To reach out to the new breed of buyers, IT solution providers need to change their entire perspective, their messaging, and their overall approach towards the markets. People researching into the IT solutions are mostly not from the IT department – they are primarily line-of-business managers and executives. This results in a lack of connection with the audience due to the marketing messages not focusing on a  customer-centric approach.

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There’s a very compelling business rationale for IT marketers to target the LOB since that part of the budget forecasted to grow twice as fast as the rate of IT spending, confirmed Mickey North Rizza, IDC. IT marketers need to be aware of the possible online marketing options as well to plan wisely on the right marketing investments.

Digital transformation has allowed the B2B decision-makers to take complete charge – research IT solutions online, and make prompt purchasing decisions. Similarly, IT marketers need to upskill themselves and become digitally aware to provide valuable insight, information, and support to enable more informed decision making.