Marketers are planning to increase their budget for tech-powered marketing in 2020. With the new decade, new content marketing trends are expected to change the business outlook

The marketing industry is already aware of the importance of content marketing. In recent years, it has been observed that marketers are utilizing marketing capabilities and strategies to generate content that aligns with consumer preferences and needs. Marketing swings are evolving and have witnessed a shift in buying preferences, streamlined processes, and more. According to a survey by Chief Marketer, marketers are planning to increase their budget for tech-powered Content marketing in 2020.

Businesses need to actively participate in sharing engaging content as it helps in creating brand loyalty, developing trust, and end-sale. The use of dynamic content is expected to go quite far. Personalized content in a mass email, tailored web experience, and enhanced landing pages are the keys to effective marketing. Businesses that deliver more engaging and personalized content are already on the top.

Marketers are using of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for creating precise content in real-time for more conversion. Artificial Intelligence replaces the typical humanized outlook and helps in rationalized delivery of content. It even drives content for social media posts, identifies other modalities and timeline of social media. For instance, usage of bot by Heliograf is rapidly increasing content efficiency and production, with multiple languages and analytics. However, many media firms are still not aligned about replacing human brains with AI.

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Similarly, the popularity of video-sharing platforms and short-form video is continuously evolving. Gifs, virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) has helped video contents to boost up gradually. According to a study by HubSpot, 54% of consumers prefer watching a video from a brand they prefer because it explains the concept quickly. It is because social media generation has a short attention span and requires instant fulfilment. Companies are using videos and AR-powered visuals lately to attract customers since it connects emotionally.

Thus, there are plenty of positive aspects of using new marketing techniques and tech-based strategies to interact with customers. It is crucial to educate the leads and provide positive value. With the new decade, new content marketing trends are available widely and are expected to change the business outlook.

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