SWOT analysis – How An Old School Technique Can Help Stay Afloat In An Uncertain Market

    SWOT analysis – How An Old School Technique Can Help Stay Afloat In An Uncertain Market-01

    With the widespread crisis and marketplace uncertainty, SWOT analysis would be businesses’ best bet to determine their strengths and relevant market opportunities.

    For a brand to keep up and move forward in times of economic downturn, one of the best
    fundamental approaches would be to realize where it stands currently. Business leaders
    need to understand what their company does and does not do, and that awareness is
    mandatory for creating a sustainable and long-term business strategy. Hence, conducting a
    SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis needs to be prioritized to gain market clarity.

    Changing Marketing Landscape Post COVID-19

    Market risks may surface due to the increasing competition and ongoing environmental
    factors – hindering business production. As a result, this old school standard can turn out to be an organization’s robust tool for survival during a pandemic situation. In this modern era, bigger companies across all industries still implement this technique – to assess their positive attributes, qualities they need to improve, peers’ advantages, and possible pipelines.

    SWOT Analysis during COVID-19 Pandemic

    A SWOT analysis during an unknown crisis situation can be tricky. However, without it, a
    business may function unsighted – wasting resources, time, and operating in the wrong
    direction. With the beginning of the pandemic, most organizations had to rethink their
    strategies due to uncontrollable internal and external factors. For instance, industries like
    travel and tourism, hospitality, entertainment, etc. were forced to implement new ways to
    tackle risks.

    Improving Effeciency of the Evolving Marketing Stack During COVID- 19

    Having an understanding of all the business aspects can help marketers identify their
    current state – with potential opportunities as well as threats. The crisis management
    approach, like crisis SWOT (cSWOT), is necessary to ensure excellent decision-making
    competence. As per experts, businesses primarily should focus on the distinct business
    scorecard categories like customers, employees, revenue, and processes. It boosts the
    overall functionalities, ensuring a brand to emerge as a stronger unit in the end. Besides,
    cSWOT can augment a brand’s visibility with the right allocation of budget, resources, and effort.