Strategies to Meet the Demands of Holiday 2021

    Strategies to Meet the Demands of Holiday 2021

    The pandemic has accelerated the transition to the digital world and created changes in consumer purchasing behavior that will have a lasting impact. In such times, companies need strategies, last-minute details, and preparations to make their digital marketing drive sales growth this holiday season and the next year.

    Throughout the 2020 holiday season, brands need to keep going around to cater to the changing needs of customers – and the 2021 holiday is going to be the same. But while it is important to drive sales for the remainder of the fourth quarter, the more concerning aspect is the future, the next year 2022, and the rapidly changing landscape.

    During the holiday season, companies have the opportunity to ace digital growth by working on different strategies such as:

    • Preparing for the disappearance of cookies from third parties
    • Gathering the information redefine buyers
    • Encouraging engagement to ensure that visitors become browsers and browsers become consumers

    To help boost digital marketing, these are some strategies and related last-minute insights and optimizations that a company can use for sales growth:

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    Preparing for a Holiday without Cookies

    As marketers and products deal with the demise of third-party cookies, they recognize that the proper ownership of their customer relationships is important.

    One of the most effective ways to communicate with as many consumers as possible is to integrate email and SMS marketing campaigns to reach customers wherever they go online, from desktops to mobile devices.

    However, using different vendors can make cross-channel orchestration more difficult if speed is the currency. For example, if a customer subscribes to a pop-up email delivery on the website operated by a dedicated SMS provider, they will have to wait until the address is returned to the ISP to initiate a welcome email, which may take minutes or hours, which may be costly to sell.

    Prioritizing Acquisition, Ownership, and List Growth

    Paid media can be a drain on the marketing, with high exposure costs and clicks – consider Facebook’s average CPM up 47%.

    But those costs end up being wasted if you don’t change the traffic that stays on the site. The aim is to gather enough information about their browsing and shopping habits to eventually redirect them to related emails or an attractive post-purchase campaign.

    Since no company wants to miss out on these discounts, one way to do so selectively is by exploring potential buy options. For example, brands can be very aggressive with the offer for those who have never bought before or discarded their cart, while keeping a subscriber who is regularly opening emails and browsing the site. The goal is to be wise by keeping track of the margins and the display of cleverly presented offers.

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    Increasing Involvement Ensuring Visitors Become Browsers, And Browsers Become Consumers

    As a company collects non-existent and original company data, it would be wise to work with the email and SMS partners to understand the information they are capturing and how it can be used to direct and personalize the messages.

    “Identity resolution” that helps match a visitor to different devices and touch locations, allow advertisers to see the traffic they need to know – for visible visitors as well as the visitor traffic they don’t see. Having the email and SMS partner configuration works even better as most carts are “accessible” and the offers can be controlled based on the contact’s previous purchase.

    Remember, however, that customers expect personalized feedback in return for their data.

    The trick for brands to thrive during the holiday season is to study the results from last holiday season, with an eye towards improving on them with upgraded tactics that will bring them success during holiday 2021 and into 2022.

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