Strategies to Leverage B2B Influencer Marketing


    According to a recent report published by TopRank Marketing titled “2022, B2B INFLUENCER MARKETING RESEARCH REPORT,” nearly 86% of B2B enterprises consider their influencer marketing successful.

    B2B marketing teams today should have the most effective presales campaign to boost website traffic and tap a new customer base. Word-of-mouth marketing can do wonders for any business by closing new sales opportunities resulting in a higher ROI. Industry veterans are exploring opportunities to leverage influencer marketing to increase their visibility and awareness.

    Here are a few strategies to leverage B2B influencer marketing to improve brand awareness:

    Determine The Marketing Goals and Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Businesses need to define measurable goals and set KPIs to make data-driven decisions and accurately evaluate the B2B influencer marketing campaigns. Monitoring the ROI generated through partnering with every influencer in real-time will enable enterprises to keep track of the ROI. Moreover,

    it is crucial to develop a transparent relationship with the influencer by setting the right expectations. B2B marketing teams need to evaluate and identify the influencer marketing strategies and channel that fits the organization’s presales needs.

    Enterprises can set different goals for every influencer and establish different metric-driven KPIs to monitor their performance.

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    Partner with Influencers That Fits the Brand’s Image

    The same TopRank Marketing report also highlights that one out of three survey respondents agrees that integrating B2B influencer marketing has led to increased conversion rates. However, partnering with influencers without a strategic plan will not deliver the expected results. Enterprises that aim to have a successful influencer marketing program ingrained need to spot the best influencers that fit the brands’ image and help to thrive the campaign.

    CMOs should consider defining an ideal B2B influencer marketers’ personas to partner with the right influencers that help to achieve the business goals. Businesses need to determine the influencer’s subject market expertise and authority in the industry. Additionally, it is crucial to understand the number of B2B marketing influencers’ followers overlaps with the organization’s total addressable market.

    B2B influencers should have some credibility and expertise in their niche to influence business decision-makers. Businesses need to partner with influencers that have in-depth knowledge of the entire industry and its standards. Organizations can mine all the social media channels, communities, and industry news to explore and identify influencers that fit the brand’s image. B2B marketing teams can filter the B2B marketing influencers list depending on their engagement insights and the quality of the traffic generated through their channel.

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    Develop an effective B2B influencer marketing strategy

    CMOs of B2B enterprises should consider striking a perfect balance between the brands’ goals and influencers’ capabilities. Partnering with influencers with no credibility can hamper the brand image in the total addressable market. The same report also highlights that nearly 85% of the survey respondents think there will be a surge in influence marketing in the next 12 months. B2B marketing teams should focus on drafting a high-quality outreach message and deliver them through the right influencers and channels to improve the outcomes.

    The B2B influencer market is flourishing; businesses need to compensate influencers with competitive pricing to create long-lasting relationships. CMOs should consider designing and setting stringent content creation strategies that resonate with the business goals and comply with all the industry regulations. Enterprises need to ensure their content creation policies do not hinder the B2B influencer marketers’ creativity.

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