Strategies to Leverage B2B Customer Pain Points


    The presales, sales, and after-sales teams need to have better visibility into the customer pain points to enhance client relationships and increase the conversion rate.

    With such a highly competitive market, it is very easy for the clients to be lured by any of the competitors. It becomes a challenge for businesses to retain customers or get more repetitive business. B2B enterprises need to evaluate their target audience to get more visibility in their total addressable market.

    Businesses should create a detailed customer persona and map the customer journeys to improve the capabilities of the marketing campaigns.

    It is essential to map the customer journeys to understand the customer pain points to have a higher conversion rate and deliver a top-notch customer experience. When businesses address the customer pain points effectively, there will be a surge in the retention rate. Here are a few ways to leverage customer pain points to increase B2B marketing efficiency.

    Determine the B2B customer pain points

    Enterprises can understand the customer pain points by creating a detailed questionnaire or feedback form to understand the current challenges faced and what kind of resolution they are looking for. B2B marketing teams need to understand the exact challenges of the target audience, which hinders their business efficiency. Evaluating clients’ work processes to determine what tasks take maximum time for the workforce is essential. Additionally, it is crucial to understand the current challenges of the existing enterprises’ tech stack.

    Keeping a tap on the customer, reviews, and feedback on all the social media platforms helps enterprises to monitor the customer’s needs and expectations. Analyzing customer interaction on all the channels will help businesses to spot the client’s unstated needs.

    Once the B2B marketing operations have a detailed analysis ready, they can start customizing the presales content to deliver a personalized customer experience.

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    Bank on intent signal

    CMOS should consider leveraging intent-based marketing to resolve customer pain points and ensure increased ROI. B2B purchase journeys usually start with basic research to solve the enterprise challenge. Embracing intent-based marketing will help businesses to understand the customer pain points and enables businesses to interact with clients during the research phase to get a competitive edge.

    Structure presales, sales, and aftersales data

    Organizations collect a huge amount of data in the marketing, sales, and aftersales, which has valuable insights into the customer pain points. Moreover, businesses need to gather valuable data from customer interactions with the ads, landing pages, and other digital assets. Integrating robust data analytics tools will help businesses to understand the emotional triggers that shed light on the client’s pain points. Creating robust marketing strategies displaying the enterprises’ product or service capabilities to resolve the pain point will result in a higher conversion rate.

    Customize the business solutions to cater to the customer pain points

    It is crucial to personalize the business solutions and services to cater to customer needs to address specific challenges of the clients’ work processes. Developing a customized solution will help enterprises to adapt to the needs and scale with the business to make a reliable partnership. A customized tool to resolve the client’s bottlenecks will help to deliver a top-notch customer experience and improve business performance and efficiency.

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