Strategies to Develop a Strong and Unique Brand Identity in 2021

Strategies to Develop a Strong and Unique Brand Identity in 2021-01

People often confuse brand identity with a logo, but a logo isn’t the entirety of what a brand is. It is only a small step towards it. With businesses worldwide striving to establish themselves, building a strong brand identity to stand out from the crowd has become crucial.

The business landscape has become increasingly diverse and saturated, and no matter what the industry, there are thousands of brands to compete with. Hence, establishing a strong brand presence may prove to be challenging. The global pandemic makes it even tougher to stand out because markets are volatile and budgets are shrinking.

Many businesses are trying to build and market their brands, but, unfortunately, most of them fail and one of the reasons for that failure is the lack of a clear brand strategy. Even if a company succeeds at creating a brand, maintaining its long-term success and recognisability is another big challenge for which they need to be prepared for.

Having an amazing logo and a brand name isn’t enough to give a business a strong and unique identity. A different approach needs to be adopted, especially in times like these. Whether companies achieve it by embracing cloud solutions to enhance customer support or embracing other innovations to elevate customer experiences, thinking outside the box is the only way forward.

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Consistent Brand Messaging

Having a strong brand is one of the essential ways companies can help ensure that their business is successful. And one of the best ways to strengthen the brand is by keeping the brand messaging consistent. Therefore, companies that have consistent brand messaging typically see an increase in revenue of 23%.

Ian Chia, Creative & Design Lead at Kingscom says, “A strong brand is one that resonates with all consumers, not just the target audience. It bears presence both psychologically and emotionally to make an impact (like a CTA). The essence of a good brand is a mix of character, visual appeal, and contentment (Habit).”

Differentiating your Brand

The consumer market is huge, If the ultimate goal is to distinguish your brand in the market, how do you make yourself stand out? This comes in two forms; aesthetic visuals (the creatives) & the USP of your product/service. This eventually forms the DNA of your brand, and this is the brand character that consumers relate to.

Building credibility & customer loyalty

A good brand image is also a voice of confidence to promote a product or service. Consumers are more likely to choose a well-designed product (packaging for eg.) over a lacklustre one between two unfamiliar brands of product.

Building a stable customer base takes time. However, it is crucial to know that consumers are proud to sport your brand image because they feel good about it.

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In conclusion, branding is a work of legacy for young and established brands alike. Every aspect contributes to building a successful brand, businesses need to keep their brand messaging clear and know what they want to communicate to the audience.