Shopper Marketing – The Crucial Part of Digital Campaigns

    Shopper Marketing – The Crucial Part of Digital Campaigns

    With the widespread pandemic, shopper marketing is fast becoming a significant part of digital campaigns  

    Shopper marketing – this could typically indicate in-store signage, retail activations, or influencers’ meet-and-greets. In light of the pandemic, our lives are increasingly surrounded by the virtual world. Therefore, the new normal calls for considering such marketing approaches more holistically. Unsurprisingly, the e-commerce market continues growing exponentially in the past years.

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    According to the US Department of Commerce, consumer spending in 2019 accounted for $601.75 billion online in the US – which was nearly 16% of the total retail sales. Many successful shopper marketers already know that a combination of digital and physical is crucial for ROI. Lately, the marketplace has seen the gaping inadequacies in the approaches, which is not cross-platform. And with fewer budgets, businesses need to work harder as well as in a smarter way.

    Utilizing Microsites

    Digital marketing strategies like microsites, digital coupons, and item-stage page takeovers have already proved how vital they are. With the global pandemic, e-commerce usage has drastically surged in the past few months. Among that, a good part of this increase had been driven by the online grocery and electronics sales leap.

    Thus, an emphasis on digitization is the right call for enterprises at the moment. This pause in physical activity is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for shopper marketers. This is to educate their clients on the benefits of executing digital as well as physical strategies in conjunction.

    Basically, the physical efforts should contribute to the digital initiatives – and vice-versa. Marketers need to realize that most shoppers (consumers) of this era are millennials and GenZ. They primarily use their mobile devices in-store to evaluate costs, quality, and research thoroughly the deals and coupons.

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    Developing strategic shopper marketing executions is an imperative – leveraging a cohesive message spanning the digital and physical market, the inclusion of similar creative assets in every platform. It needs to be specifically tailored for individual platforms, as consumers have different expectations of content in different environments. The channels could be Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, or in-store.

    Shopper Marketing is Important than Ever

    Businesses must consider that there is a significant distinction between having a diverse set of strategies (both digital and physical), versus a different set of plans that are linked by a single creative thread. When there is the scope for the in-person experience, brands should think of how to leverage that experience in their digital content and campaigns. ,

    Clearly, this is a more than just a cross-platform approach – a holistic one that places shoppers at the core to reach them in every stage of the decision-making process.