Sales Technology Gaining New Heights in 2019

Sales Technology, 2019, CRM

The use of technology in Sales is seeing new highs and in 2019, the industry is expecting a much higher growth led by huge adoption of CRM systems

There is an increase in the use of CRM software and the development of customized services. The value addition that unified platforms like a CRM bring goes beyond mere technology. implementation. It provides the strength to increasing data, provides better insights and takes better market decisions.

As enterprises adopt new technology in sales processes, the health of a company will increasingly be defined by the strength of their technology foundation in business objectives

Here are some trends for what technologies will work in sales, going forward:

AI in Sales

AI and voice-activated capabilities have drawn the attention of marketers for some time now. In the remaining months of 2019, smarter software based on algorithms will be available at affordable rates and easy access to all businesses.

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More of B2B algorithm-based tools will be developed to assist sales professionals. CRM will undoubtedly play a role in bringing AI into sales by offering data sets for the algorithm. However, the accessibility and impact of sales-tech depend on the revenue and size of the business.

Marketing Becomes a User

Marketing teams also will adopt the CRM to personalize marketing experiences further. Since a lot of marketing is automated, a CRM can add insights and add details to marketing campaigns that can also help sales and customer support and other teams. As many big tech companies already have CRM integrations, social networking sites are expected to offer some kind of CRM for business users.

Increase in Niche Products

As technology becomes more specialized and vertical focused, it is predicted that precise solutions will be developed for different verticals. There will also be an increase in third-party developers to build services on the existing CRM solutions, for example, a CRM solution for wealth management that has specific requirements for the investment and finances industry as its objective.

Easier qualification               

With sophisticated technology like smarter chatbots and other conversational tools to help funnel the qualified prospects, using advanced adtech the unqualified leads can also be used to retarget people who show interest, reach out customers who engage with the brand, and also determine whether a prospect merits a sales call by asking qualification questions.

Automation in the hands of good salespersons makes them better, and new tools draw attention towards the fundamental strengths of sales organizations. The future of sales tech is bright, and it is crucial to prepare for it.