Rushing through the E-mail Marketing Strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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    Firms struggle with strategies to stand out in the subscribers’ inboxes during this holiday season.

    Reaching secured inboxes is a multi-layered process that involves several marketing resources and is more challenging than before. Due to the rise of malicious and fraud email practices, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have doubled-down on email security practices.

    It always comes as a surprise, but Thanksgiving week is here. The holiday season has evolved into one of the most critical events for email marketers. From adhering to best practices to implementing precise segmentation strategies, marketers should ensure that their email programs are in good shape for Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

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    The most significant point that marketers need to remember is not to disregard deliverability. If the brand is sending emails at a higher frequency this week, deliverability should be a top priority.

    Marketers should remember not to discount all of the work that the marketing team has conducted throughout the year to build a strong bond with Internet Service Providers and subscribers, by “spamming” them throughout this week.

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    While developing strategic segments, marketers need to ensure that they are delivering emails that the subscribers want to receive this week. Target individuals with services or products based on their past behaviors, using straightforward language in the subject lines, and not sending irrelevant emails – these are the golden rules.

    Also, combining CTAs is a great option. Research from Radicati indicates that, on average, a person receives between 130 emails per day. That number will undoubtedly multiply this week as brands and retailers ramp up with Cyber Monday and Black Friday messaging.

    It’s also important to tap into the results. Analyzing and comprehending the results of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails is critical for informing the email marketing program for the upcoming year, and can help marketers to identify different outliers, variables, and even new opportunities to capitalize on for the year-round.

    The holiday season is the ultimate time that brands have to stand out in their subscribers’ inboxes to catch and retain consumers’ attention. Before marketers finalized the emails and schedule them, they need to ensure that the email marketing campaigns don’t overlook the critical elements that keep the emails in the inbox year-round.