As AR & VR become a norm, new digital communication tools will ensure, 2020 will see a revolution in digital marketing

Digital strategies are about improving and innovating existing tactics. Once a trend is adopted by everyone in the market, it becomes overkill and is detrimental to unique propositions. This forces them to move to different avenues to outpace the competition.

Over the last few years, long-form content was considered as one of the keys to SEO success and content marketing. However, almost everyone making long-form content and these assets alone no longer helps in rankings. Therefore, innovation and improvement now become a necessity.

2019 is seeing many changes in digital marketing that range from web design trends to micro-moments incorporation. Looking ahead, 2020 will also have some game-changing innovations.

Mobile optimization

Google has recently prioritized mobile-first indexing, making it essential for marketers to emphasize on making the content mobile-friendly across iOS and Android. In 2020, a new mobile OS is also expected to hit the market. Marketers might need to look beyond the popular mobile browsers and familiarize with new ones. Google’s major algorithm update to implement significant changes, will also ensure it considers new platforms. Other than mobile optimization, marketers will also need to consider entirely new mobile ads network for in-app advertisements.

AR & VR Marketing

Many companies have already started leveraging AR and VR marketing. By 2020, more brands are expected to use the technology. To keep up, online businesses must create interactive shopping channels and further optimize the user experience. They might also add new levels of personalization to the customer journey. When VR and AR technologies will become a norm and the trend will finally kick-off, it could guide a new era of consumer marketing.

To leverage this technology, businesses will need to optimize for AR and VR devices. This could mean a relook at business strategies, maybe even experimenting with completely new channels for selling new experiences.

Higher attention on Psychological Variables

Understanding the consumer’s psychological drivers helps optimize marketing campaigns. Since platforms like Facebook are now offering ad copy A/B tests and demographic details, it allows marketers to run more experiments. Marketers even go a step further and layer in analytics tools to better understand the audience behavior for website visitors. As platforms access website data, algorithms get a better understanding of user intent with updates. This will lead to psychological variables becoming the norm in 2020. Soon marketers may have to focus on creating ‘feel-good’ content, keeping existing variables rank higher in the SERPs. The in-house marketing agencies and teams will use data to back all decisions, even the ones as small as publishing a tweet.

The most important point to consider is that the SpaceX’s satellite constellation, Starlink, is set to provide fast and affordable internet connectivity worldwide. This will lead to companies to change their global strategies and incorporate the new markets with unique offerings based on cultures, economic conditions, and political landscapes. Local SEO may be impacted and new local keywords will pop up. More skilled professionals would mean more noise and competition and. This may lead to search engines tweak their algorithms and ensure that the quality of content remains unaffected.

Conceptualizing and executing plans considering the future landscape can help marketers capitalize on the entire life cycle of a digital marketing trend.