Reasons to Use Cloud-based e-Commerce Software


    Cloud-based e-commerce solution providers are investing significantly into developing innovative solutions.

    An e-commerce business needs to be agile and proactive specially when during changes in demand and customer expectations. To meet the requirements of agility, cloud-based e-commerce software delivers high performance, and flexible and scalable infrastructure.


    Cloud-based e-commerce solutions for web hosting allow businesses to store data, run the website and maintain, repair, or do any tech or content updates, without any downtime. The connected cloud servers keep the platform up and running 24/7, for the business’s global delivery. The rest of the cloud e-commerce software assures that every online store is well-supported in every location.

    High availability

    The one thing that business stakeholders are scared of is downtime in   an e-commerce app. To avoid this scary situation, businesses must employ cloud-based e-commerce software that assures operations are performed with minimum downtime because of the high availability built into such solutions. Cloud-based e-commerce software trait of high availability increases the system uptime and even if any sudden downtime occurs, it ensures that the business online stores will overcome it in the shortest possible time.

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    Lower Cost of Ownership

    The cost of the ownership of cloud-based e-commerce software is less than on premise solutions as it does not require businesses to allocate resources for more servers or secure funds in order to develop a bigger infrastructure. In addition, cloud-based e-commerce software assists businesses in the cost-cutting that is associated with human resources, especially in maintenance and IT. By employing cloud-based e-commerce solutions businesses can partner with dedicated MSPs, for handling the systems and keep them running, to maintain and upgrade the applications, and troubleshoot system challenges.

    Web loading Speed

    Another thing that affects the success rate of the e-commerce store is the website loading speed. If the website takes a too long time to load its inventory or search results, the site visitors do not like it and leave without browsing. Cloud web hosting works as the ideal solution and ensures a good web loading speed consistently, because of its more bandwidth it offers more storage capacity accelerating business processing power.

    The cloud-based e-commerce software improves website performance which helps businesses to attract more customers and confidently handle the surges in activity.

    Data Back-up & Security

    The cloud-based e-commerce software helps businesses by offering ultimate solutions for physical security and data security via their built-in redundancy. This way any potential system disruption will not cause any data loss or operational interruption because it would of the on-site web hosting. Another reason to use cloud e-commerce hosting is that businesses would not be worried about outdated legacy systems that are unable to deliver essential services. Cloud web hosting lets software and hardware always remain current.

    Faster Deployment

    The cloud-based e-commerce software deployment is faster than that of the in-premise deployment of e-commerce solutions. Having a cloud e-commerce store helps businesses to be available to customers and potential buyers as soon as possible.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Third parties assisting with cloud-based e-commerce software complies all data privacy and security regulations as they are issued. This data security assures business solution is PCI-DSS (payment data security), GDPR (privacy policy), and SOC (system integrity and confidentiality) compliant. Employing advanced vendors will also help comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, that are critical for e-commerce websites, especially those operating in the healthcare industry.

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    Customer Experience

    During seasonal spikes, e-commerce websites struggle with unusually heavy traffic on platforms because of myriad promotions and purchases happening. This could lead to a fall in customer satisfaction, and lead businesses to suffer losses and marketing opportunities for the enterprise. But with the cloud-based e-commerce software, businesses have a more comprehensive range that is well-equipped to handle sudden spikes in traffic and demand. This business management ensures a seamless customer experience and optimal business performance.

    The e-commerce business can select the right cloud partner from a wide selection of vendors to do business in a secure environment, while meeting their budget. The cloud-based e-commerce software harnesses the artificial intelligence ability and drives revenue by evaluating real-time customer insights, leading to a rise in conversions with smart & intelligent search results.

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