Publishers Seeking CCPA Opt-out Tools Collaborate with the Digital Advertising Alliance

    CCPA Opt-out Tools

    The DAA has begun ‘onboarding’ publishers seeking to use its CCPA opt-out tools. These tools are designed to assist publishers in complying with the ‘do not sell my data’ rules under new CCPA law.

    The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) announced this initiative last month to “go live” on January 1, 2020, the same time when the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) formally takes effect.

    Ad choice redux, the DAA opt-out tool, will enable consumers to block the transfer or sale of their personal data across all the DAA participating companies from a single website or app. The ad choice redux is modeled on the long-standing approach based on providing ad choices. They also plan for a parallel system for in-app advertising and mobile apps.

    DAA members include the most prominent American federations like the American Association of Advertising Agencies, IAB, American Advertising Federation, Better Business Bureaus National Programs, the Network Advertising Initiative, and the Association of National Advertisers.

    The coalition of such big organizations suggests the DAA’s mechanism will be widely applauded in the future. DAA tools are just a small initiative of a more extensive solution.

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    Regardless of whether the DAA tools are adopted, every publisher abiding by the statutory regulations provided by CCPA are required to provide consumers with a “clear” and “conspicuous” link on the homepage, titled ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Data.’ This will enable every consumer, or a person authorized by the consumer, to legally opt-out of the sale of their personal information.

    The DAA further reminds publishers that adopting its opt-out notification and other tools is a binding legal decision and not a mere substitute for specific legal advice about CCPA compliance.

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    DAA suggests that their current content and focus is primarily on the consumers and not on firms. These CCPA adoption initiatives will transform the entire marketing industry, especially modifying the personalized targeting.

    The DAA is one of the multiple entities seeking to help firms and consumers address CCPA. The IAB is offering a compliance framework for technology providers and publishers, which is complementary to DAA’s initiative. There are several private software companies offering compliance solutions as well.

    Post the CCPA kicks in on January 1, 2020; there won’t be concrete enforcement until July 1 at the earliest. This means that there’s still time to prepare for this massive change even if firms haven’t started yet. But experts suggest not to wait until the end of Q1, 2020, for the pressure to reach its peak.

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