Predictive Intelligence and Its Impact on the Marketing World

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Predictive Intelligence and Its Impact on the Marketing World

Predictive intelligence has made it easier for marketers to craft their campaigns and achieve desired results.

A Salesforce report titled “Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report” mentions that predictive intelligence recorded a 40.38% increase in revenue after 36 months of implementation. Also, 34% of purchases are influenced by predictive intelligence recommendations.

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Marketers need to facilitate a more accurate lead scoring model. In the case of B2B lead scoring, data points like industry, company size, or a completed action are involved. Manual lead scoring has been effective for some time; however, it has its flaws. Lead scoring heavily depends on assumptions. With predictive intelligence enables marketers to get a more comprehensive approach to lead scoring. It can identify patterns in a customer’s digital footprint including the terms they search for the web pages they visit and product purchase history. Predictive models can analyze these behavioral patterns and accurately predict when each lead will be ready to make a purchase and what actions will accelerate them through the sales cycle.

With predictive intelligence, marketers can get recommendations in real-time. It allows marketers to create hyper-targeted and dynamic web experiences. When a customer visits a specific page or views a certain item, the site can process this data in real-time and offer personalized recommendations based on the customer’s actions. It helps in making a website unique as well as intuitive to customers, thereby helping in improving conversion rates.

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Marketers can also leverage predictive intelligence to improve and scale their SEO efforts along with improving the content marketing strategy. The technology analyzes prospect data and provides insights into the subjects, tones, and content types that target customers respond to. These insights are essential for a streamlined content creation strategy. Moreover, technology allows marketers to collect and analyze data to help them anticipate and react to trends at the earliest.