A majority of B2B marketers say personalized content has improved revenue, reports Episerver.

The latest report by Episerver titled “2020 B2B Digital Experience Report” came up with
interesting insights around digital experience. The company has surveyed around 600
decision-makers with e-Commerce, marketing, IT roles across different sectors from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and Sweden. Most B2B marketers, about 93%, have indicated that implementing personalization in their website content has enhanced their company’s

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In this digital era, the “customer-centric” marketing approach is here to stay. Many B2B
market leaders are still looking for new ways in order to resonate with their target
customers and prospects – creating an enhanced customer experience. In its essence, many of them have turned to the personalization of content as they have seen positive business outcomes. Simply put, if marketers wish to set themselves apart from the pack, they need to execute ideas that make sense for the target audience. Thus, B2B enterprises are paying more attention to provide a better customer experience above all.

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However, statistics also showed 7% of marketers do not agree with personalization and its
outcomes due to some associated hurdles. The marketers who are not personalizing
content on their websites currently reported that “customers value their privacy” as the
primary reason (42%). With more data, functionality involves more responsibility. As
mentioned in the report, “Convenience is a common theme for B2B expectations. We know
there is a dynamic line between personalization and privacy, but B2B leaders indicate they
are not concerned about the misuse of their data but rather prefer the convenience of it

Nearly 44% of B2B marketers noted that their personal data had been exposed because of a security breach in a B2B client company. About 49% of B2B organizations have encountered a data breach where their customers’ data have been. While advances of technology, remain potential panacea to challenges and anxieties.

The principal findings from the report are –
1] B2B companies are optimistic about digital experience budgets even though the
COVID-19 setback.
2] Market-specific: Various industries globally lack well-built customer relationships.
3] The concept of personalization outperforms B2B marketers’ expectations.
4] Amid the unprecedented times, data breaches are inevitable – the risk is in how
organizations can tackle them.

As noted by Nate Barad, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Strategy at Episerver in
the report, “The great news is the awareness people have that there is a priority to improve
their digital customer experience. While they may still respond that they are the source of
truth on their brand, individually, people still know that constantly improving and reviewing
digital engagement is a successful investment, regardless of industry. Having a foundation to quickly create new experiences, learn from, and optimize them is the new norm.”

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