Most CMOs Prioritize CX Jobs As They Are Vital for Growth

    CMOs Prioritize CX

    Top marketing executives consider CX as the biggest priority for their company’s growth strategies

    Customer experience has been a top priority for CMOs of high-performing organization. Their main aim is to improve the omni-channel experience. A latest report from Econsultancy- ‘The Cheat Code to Growth’, highlights that most of the marketing leaders consider recruiting the right person for CX roles as a top priority for to achieve business growth followed by UX and brand marketing. However, there are several executives that it is a critical challenge to recruiting the right digital talent.

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    It is important for enterprises to fast in their responses for recruiting process. Nearly 60% of top companies think that budget is a top reason for the challenges they face while recruiting to meet compensation levels of the growing competition.

    At the same time it is quite tedious to find the right balance of experience especially while looking for individuals to lead teams or to integrate an array of CX technologies.

    Companies are focusing more on third party acquisitions as CX job roles remain vacant for two to three months on average. Many of them also rely on staffing firms to fill the empty customer experience roles.

    As per the report, only a few executives from mainstream businesses appointed remote employees to fill CX/digital marketing roles before the COVID-19 pandemic.

    However, this is going to change going forward, since businesses are reporting the same level of productivity from remote employees. Another way to retain talent for a longer time is to offer a positive company culture

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    Offering insights on the type of candidates senior marketers from leading companies are looking for, the report said they are more focused on advancing transformation goals, such as cyber security to protect valuable customer data.

    Meanwhile, mainstream leaders are more focused on analytics and data science. Both leaders understand the vitality of fostering a positive company culture especially, when roles in CX, UX, and digital marketing are from two to four years. Companies need to work on retaining employees for longer time especially in higher growth roles.

    Remote working and flexibility in job roles will play an important part especially post COVID-19 in order to retain talent.