More than half of all Marketers Focus on Hyper-Personalization via Email

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More than half of all Marketers Focus on Hyper-Personalization via Email

Increasing email revenue, growing repeat purchase rates, and driving more site traffic are among retailer marketers’ top priorities for 2020.

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2020 is going to be all about hyper-personalization for retail marketers. A new report from Bluecore titled ‘2020 Retail Trends Report’ has revealed that 57% of retail marketers are focusing their personalization efforts via email. In the coming decade, marketers need to make a clear distinction between the different kinds of personalization.

According to a report from Statista, spam messages accounted for 56% of global email traffic in 2019. The Global Email Benchmark Report found that personal email is essential for the daily lives of 95% of Gen Z and millennials. A big challenge for marketers is to develop email campaigns that are as appealing and informative as other marketing tools.

In the case of personalization via email, it needs to be redefined away from one-to-one marketing due to the cost of accomplishing that at scale in website content, targeted offers, and other measures cannot keep up with the demonstrable ROI.

Only 5% of respondents felt that creating a more relevant on-site experience for individual customers, such as targeted pop-ups or personalized product recommendations, was the top need. The top three objectives of marketers were boosting revenue from email, increasing repeat purchases, and driving more site traffic.

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Marketers can run successful hyper-personalized campaigns that use browsing and real-time behavior data from multiple channels to target content for subscribers. Make emails mobile-friendly, use AI for predictive personalization and smart segmenting of subscribers into specific groups. With continuous innovation in email marketing, there are a lot of new things marketers can do at every level of their marketing strategy to improve results.