Maximizing the Value of Session Replay with Automation

Maximizing the Value of Session Replay with Automation-01

Everyone from tech teams to product managers, marketing to sales, utilizes session replay to understand the user on the other side of the screen and build better products and services for them. With session replay, businesses can finally get the answers they need to understand their customers and improve their online experience

Providing customers and prospects with the best possible website experience is critical to acquiring new customers, driving conversions and revenue, and maintaining loyalty, especially in the post-pandemic world, where most interactions are conducted online rather than in-person.

Session replay is the firehouse of information about the online experience. Session replays do more than just being a part of the optimization journey. Before session replays came into existence, brands were unable to deep dive into user engagement metrics. In his book ‘Don’t Make Me Think,’ Steve Krug says businesses used to spend $5,000 to $10,000 per test on website usability testing and user experience. But with analytics and CRO tools in the market, these tests can be performed at a fraction of the above-mentioned costs.

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Today, session replay provides in-depth insights into visitors’ behavior and helps get into the customer’s mind. It fills in the void created by scroll maps and heatmaps by giving detailed information based on customer interactions within the website or application.

Maximum Utilization of Session Replay

With session replay technology, digital teams can watch back videos of real, anonymized users interacting with their websites. Businesses can analyze the digital body language of the users and can use that information to investigate areas that these users are either satisfied or frustrated with.

According to a McKinsey report, data-driven organizations are twenty three times more likely to secure customers, six times more likely to retain them, and nineteen times as likely to be profitable as a result. This signifies that every insight an organization has, matters- whether it’s quantitative user data or qualitative user data from session replay.

However, the intensive nature of session replay can be a challenge. Humans cannot go through every user session that session replay provide, which is where AI comes into play.

Let’s look at some of the critical capabilities that businesses should look for in a session replay solution, with automation at the core.

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Automated Analysis

By integrating AI into modern session replay, digital teams can focus on sessions that display critical issues impacting the site’s user experience quality. This allows them to focus on watching back sessions that truly matter. This is a huge time-saver for digital teams, as AI can free employees from menial tasks and let them work on more significant priorities.

Automated Segmentation

With the help of automated segmentation technology, digital teams can divide and review sessions by user experience quality. Teams can cross-compare sessions to analyze key differences and find common themes that make user journeys successful or unsuccessful.

Detailed User Journey Mapping

Not all users are similar, and nor do they access a website the same way. With session replay and detailed user journey mapping, digital teams can see which browsers, channels, or devices users operate on when they interact with the website. This level of hyper-focused optimization allows digital teams to address issues only occurring in a particular segment of user journeys.

Tech-Stack Integrations

By merging session replay with external analytics data, like customer analytics, survey data, or web analytics, digital teams will better understand customer experience issues and understand which sessions lead to negative customer feedback.

The impact of automation and AI is tremendous across all industries, and digital customer experience is no exception. With AI, in the near future, humans may never have to watch a single session replay and be able to move faster on the insights provided by AI to optimize experiences and increase conversions.

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