Marketing strategies in 2021: More Digital than 2020

    Marketing strategies in 2021 More Digital than 2020 (1)

    Marketing leaders acknowledge that predicting trends is difficult under normal circumstances; moving from 2020 to 2021 needs reinforced measures to ensure success

    CMOs say that enterprises are rebounding from unprecedented events of 2020 and are developing strategies that are both innovative and grounded. The policy will be based on a blend of expert guidance and solid reasoning. A traditional and standard procedure for consumers is omnichannel purchasing practices.

    It means that enterprises have to adjust and serve a customer journey across the digital devices and channels simultaneously concentrated and simple for navigation. CMOs believe that it’s critical for the success of enterprises in 2021 to develop a long-term digital policy. It includes multiple channels that are capable of meeting the dynamic customer requirements and expectations.

    Marketing leaders say that success lies in meeting customers and telling them the history of the brand. Industries across all boards are changing their strategies to adapt to the dynamic ecommerce requirements in the shifting digital landscape.

    Improved website search function and product details

    Clients are spending more time on the Web. They relied heavily on the data from search queries to choose new services and products. As they can’t physically compare, touch, or view products, it’s even more vital for organizations to provide a robust online presence that includes product ratings, descriptions, and reviews. It is important to strengthen the existing products standing in the market rather than flooding the market with new services.

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    Brands need to work with local organizations to ensure a consistent product, local pricing, and accurate data is always available to customers so that they can be converted into a purchase. Organizations will be required to become more empathetic and listen keenly to the requirements of their customers.

    Benish Shah
    Benish Shah, Chief Growth Officer at Loop & Tie

    Benish Shah, Chief Growth Officer at Loop & Tie, says, “2021 is going to be about unlearning the playbooks of years prior and resisting the urge to use 2020 as the new playbook. It will be a plan-per-month game, and the importance of marketers that understand the consumer mindset will become increasingly important. It will be a year of solving problems for consumers rather than selling them something new.”

    Focusing on the digital transformation opportunities in marketing

    Marketing leaders say that improving communications, calculating, measuring, and understanding the data in real-time and monitoring customer behavior via machine learning and artificial intelligence, will  mean that customers can harvest the correct digital content at the relevant time in the purchase journey.

    CMOs believe that automated, live chatbots will provide more data and guide customers to the required product or service that serves their needs. This service provides the required support to customer needs and helps build data for the marketing team to develop improved communication profiles and better chat experiences for the customers.

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    More marketers have tried to implement new strategies like A/B testing, AI influenced search queries, customized lists, etc., to harvest more data from the gathered information. However, due to the pandemic that influenced budget cuts, marketing teams were among the worst-hit departments in the industry.

    RY Talyor
    RJ Talyor, CEO, and Founder at Patern89

    RJ Talyor, CEO, and Founder at Patern89, explains the hurdles faced by marketers in recent times,“It’s been a difficult year for marketers, as many have faced tightened budgets and more scrutiny on tactics like A/B testing. But I believe that in 2021 and the next decade, we’ll see excitement and adoption of practical AI that makes a real impact. A/B testing is one example of day-to-day tactics that will undergo an intelligent overhaul, providing marketers the data to have full confidence in their decisions and go all-in on what will work, rather than wasting half of the budget on unnecessary alternatives.”

    CMOs point out that AR and AI will help usher in an age of new definition for ecommerce and online experiences by providing customized content that helps increase conversions of shopping experiences to revenue opportunities. They believe that new tech like programmatic ads with true-time bidding can be used to increase the impact of such tech, over the next year. The comeback 2021!.

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