Marketing Strategies 2020 – A Blend of Old school and Millennials

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    Marketing Strategies 2020 – A Blend of Old school and Millennials

    Amid the large scale digital transformation of organizations and changing marketing trends, marketers still prefer different old school techniques

    The concept of marketing is evolving – getting digital is the key to capture larger audiences around the world. However, many old school proven methodologies still do justice to marketing in this modern era. The modern entrepreneurs and market leaders rely highly on martech and previously used marketing tactics to keep up and running in the game.

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    For instance, a live representation would be – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg have been working together and have been seeing the continued success of the company. Undoubtedly, both millennials and old school marketing strategies go hand in hand for businesses’ success.

    The marketplace is witnessing a significant rise in technology use, and the users are quite inclined towards the web search. According to the Millennial B2B Report Merit, about 73% of the buyers are millennials. And, almost all millennials (93%) in the United States use the internet – as per Pew Research Center. Thus, no market leader should ignore the millennials in their business strategy. For the strategy to be successful, marketers need to invest more time and resources – for understanding their audience needs, interest areas, and pain points. The right marketing tactics will eventually help to attain a higher conversion rate. As per the Lexington Law, millennials have the purchasing power of around $600 billion every year. Besides, they make up to about 50% of all online purchases, and thus, they are more likely to act on the essential advertisements.

    At the same time, many old school marketing techniques are actively in use today, and not going to be obsolete anytime soon. Those proven tactics provide various ways for businesses to connect with their audience and for their strategic growth. These include cold calling, email marketing, referrals programs, and more.

    Many people still prefer to interact with human representatives instead of AI chatbots. Thus, apart from digital marketing, businesses need to interact with their target audience to maintain the ‘human touch’. With a sharp focus on online marketing, there is a high chance of missing out on many opportunities. Thus it is vital to follow the traditional methods clubbed with digital marketing.

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    Lately, many modern marketing strategies are circulating as consumer behavior is increasingly evolving. That is why marketers need to keep on experimenting with new techniques and follow the trend. For instance, AI and algorithms are becoming the center of the worldwide market. Implementing AI tools is to help businesses in cost-cutting and efficiency. Already bigger brands are using AI for content creation, product recommendations, email personalization, etc. Another essential strategy is lead generation via social media. Different social media platforms are an effective way to find target audiences for brands. Similarly, the cold calling with the help of artificial intelligence also works! Many people rely on smart devices to make inquiries for products and services, and hence, there lie the click-to-call ads. Businesses should not eliminate phone calls due to AI, and rather they should integrate them to increase natural sales.

    Simply put, the need for the generation is fast-paced millennial style marketing. Coupled with traditional strategy excellence, the recipe could be just what the companies need. Brands that complement the old strategies, along with the modern millennial approach in their marketing campaign, are most likely to stand ahead of their peers.