Marketing Ops Essential for Effective Campaign Planning & Workflow Management

    Marketing Ops Essential for Effective Campaign Planning & Workflow Management

    A recent study by BrandMaker shows brands prioritize campaign and marketing planning when it comes to marketing operations investments.

    BrandMaker, the Marketing Operations and Marketing Resource solution provider has released the results of a survey of 100 VP or C-level executives from various industries. The survey found that traditional marketing processes are preventing the success of workflow management and campaign planning. The report further revealed that it is drastically impacting the success of marketing programs.

    Only two in five respondents say that their marketing operations deserve an A-grade. Additionally, they stated that marketing and campaign management plans are at the top of their list of planned marketing ops investments [60% CMOs].

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    Ninety percent of the respondents believe that they struggle with global campaign coordination and it impacts their marketing programs as follows:

    • Forty-four percent of these respondents claim that their marketing team missed out on opportunities for seasonal or other time-specific marketing initiatives
    • The difficulty in shifting their resources in a seamless manner according to market changes [43%]
    • Slow localization delays their marketing programs [41%]
    • Thirty-seven percent believed that their content creation process is slow and has a time-intensive review process

    According to BrandMaker’s report, 46% of marketing executives believe that campaign management is a key area that needs improvement. They stated that campaign management should be improved by quickly deploying and adjusting their campaigns in response to market changes and feedback. Additionally, 73% indicated that the primary responsibility of the marketing ops team is planning, developing and implementing their marketing campaigns.

    When asked about the effectiveness of their marketing ops solutions, 60% of respondents gave their products and services a grade between C to F. Better integration, collaboration, and workflow tools are the key areas that can enable them to improve the grade of their solutions.

    Of all the respondents, 50% CMOs stated that they are looking forward to investing in expanding their automation and marketing functions. 39% see resource allocation and optimization of workflows as a key aspect of their investment. Brands with over 5,000 employees stated that the former is a significant area of investment with 53% looking to invest in workflow optimization.

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    While discussing the importance of the findings with TalkCMO, Mirko Holzer stated, “With CEOs looking to marketing as a critical driver of business growth, marketers have no choice but to modernize their marketing operations. The research highlights that marketing ops is no longer the backwater of the department, it is taking a central role in the intelligence, development, and management of the marketing function. Today, marketing ops is everything that makes marketing happen. It is the difference between marketing organizations functioning smoothly and responding to marketplace challenges and opportunities and those that are not.”

    As marketing leaders continue to face challenges in implementing effective marketing campaigns, they must devise strategies that will enable them to think differently, respond immediately and execute their campaigns at a much faster pace. By leveraging automation technologies and embracing the new normal, they can expect to witness huge success with their marketing efforts.

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