Marketing Operations Leaders Are Playing a Key Role in Pivoting Digital Execution

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    Marketing Operations Leaders Are Playing a Key Role in Pivoting Digital Execution

    As companies are migrating to new digital norms, marketing operations leaders are playing a definitive role in this transition

    Digital channels are witnessing a surge in migration of consumers and B2B buyers. These behavioral shifts will continue to exist post-COVID-19 too. The majority of marketers believe customers will continue to use digital channels and digital commerce even after the crisis is over.

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    Companies are rapidly shifting to digital content and deploying it on channels they may never have used to reach customers before. In the case of B2B enterprises, brands are used to have sellers meet with clients guiding them through the funnel by sharing information directly with buying groups. Marketing operations leaders can play a vital role in supporting enterprises in this migration from physical to digital channels. They may not be the ones who are designing digital and social media campaigns but are essential in helping the marketing function scale up digital execution capabilities.

    Marketing ops can help in prioritizing high-value customer segments, and identifying emerging segments to target on digital channels. They can also be instrumental in creating marketing frameworks and tools for understanding changes as per customer behaviors and needs. Moreover, they can support in refining marketing’s digital operations plan to focus on new digital content that is aligned to customer needs.

    Once the market starts making a shift from the crisis phase to an upheaval once, customers will continue moving to digital channels and then sticking to them. Marketing organizations will have a digital dexterity to scale up new digital initiatives aligned with changes in customer behavior due to COVID-19.

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    In the end, good marketing operations leaders will be central in not only freeing up resources and capabilities to make that shift but also providing the marketing function with the tools and frameworks that let them work efficiently and successfully.