Marketing Innovation Should Have Technology at Its Helm

    Marketing Innovation Should Have Technology at Its Helm

    Marketing leaders explain that specific capabilities are needed to deliver and sustain plans for competitive advantage

    Marketing leaders believe that while marketers and the teams may excel in marketing strategy, they produce and execute. It is important that the strategic planning technique needs be better aligned with the organization’s goals. This can be achieved when the CMOs invest the required amount of attention, iterative improvement, and time -to ensure how the work is done and services being produced.

    The remote work environment has resulted in dispersed marketing teams. They have adapted to building unity across borders, expansively applying creativity, and controlling visibility in strategic and agility alignment.

    For the last seven months, marketing teams have navigated uncertain times in an involuntary, global, and giant experiment. The lessons learned on the way have provided invaluable insights that helped make the path clearer. CMOs acknowledge that teams have displayed a sense of resilience that’s unheard of in normal times, and has also given marketers the indication that the new experiment will not end anytime soon.

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    As economies and markets fluctuate due to the uncertain and unprecedented challenges, CMOs believe that uncertainty will continue to exist. They say that the best way to survive through this situation is by continuously developing digital resilience, as organizations and as individuals. All of it takes rapid and consistent planning, alignment of work with strategy, and the capacity to collaborate for the required work process from any corner of the world.

    The current marketing teams need to cultivate essential capabilities that help accelerate the shift out of the current crisis mode, and focus on creating and sustaining an edge over the other organizations in the new normal.

    Expanding creativity

    CMOs point out that marketing teams are famous for creativity. They are skilled at thinking innovatively, finding solutions in different manners, and resolving different organizational issues.

    When leaders focus intently on the creative aspect of marketing, they often miss out on the valuable contributions made by innovatively deploying technology tools that help in crafting and delivering smarter strategies. It includes design and implementation, reporting and analytics, or even the work management life cycle.

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    CMOs say that IT is a business enabler, but in case of marketing, it’s also an innovation enabler. In many instances, the marketing strategy spend is the biggest weapon for smashing competition and making a mark as a market leader.

    Improving agility and visibility

    Marketing leaders say it is practically impossible to overstate the criticality of business agility during unpredictable times. A clear vision of market plans, and its alignment with business objectives, need visibility for priorities, a clear understanding of the roadmap and work plan, and improved team alignment relevant to the work.

    CMOs feel that an integrated marketing tech stack is essential. It gets even stronger when the connection is boosted via a work management platform that behaves as the truth source. Accurate visibility helps marketers analyze status in real-time, and an agile work structure enables minimum downtime for response to market conditions,