In 2020, marketing automation is no more a new or future thing – it is an irreplaceable tool for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the world.

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The popularity of marketing automation is increasing at an incredible pace, majorly due to its convenience and affordability. B2B market leaders are exploring Martech as it holds immense growth potential for their businesses. They are rapidly investing in marketing automation tools to expand their presence with a wide range of digital marketing strategies and drip campaigns.

SMBs usually struggle to remain on the same page while making strategies that will help them cope with advanced marketing trends. More companies are integrating automation in their marketing measures to attain substantial results. Marketing automation is providing start-ups and medium-sized enterprises with easy communication process with their customers in real-time and other compelling opportunities. Thus, marketers can put more time to focus on other vital business functionalities.

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets on “‘Marketing Automation Market – Global Forecast to 2024’”, the marketing automation market is expected to grow up to $6.4 billion by 2024 from $3.3 billion in 2019, with a CAGR rate of 13.9% during the period, globally. It is no secret that automation in marketing is a valuable resource, especially for SMBs. According to a report on “The Rise of Marketing Automation – Statistics and Trends” by Invesp, it was found that marketing automation drives about a 5% increase in sales productivity. Besides, it boosts ROI, and 77% of marketers saw a rise in their conversions.

Many SMBs are still confused about the utilization of automation in their marketing strategies. A recent study by Communigator and Smart Insights revealed that only 2% of B2B marketers are taking the help of automation to its full power. Also, it was found that one out of eight businesses is not using it.

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Today, every SMB should opt for marketing automation for many business-critical reasons. Firstly, social media and its management are indispensable for start-ups and medium-sized businesses- since it assisting organizations with satisfactory options for brand promotion and making the most with their online presence. In addition, there is now available  CRM software that is specially created for SMBs to track every purchase and customer interaction. The CRM can also be integrated with email marketing campaigns to enhance the success rate and improve customer experience.

This tool also allows businesses to enter the online survey by having no investment in prolonged market research initiatives. It is vital and obvious to have customer insights for a successful business plan. Besides, with the power of AI, ChatBots are already helping businesses with collected customer data and different insights. It can help enterprises for future marketing efforts and fulfilling their sales goals. A recent study by Survey Monkey and Drift revealed that only 38% of users today prefer speaking with humans. In this digital era, buyers prefer to chat with robots!

Marketing Automation comes with proven benefits to streamline businesses’ operations and make their presence felt in the global marketplace. Many big brands have already embraced automation for carrying out a spectrum of daily tasks, and now it’s time for smaller companies to follow suit, in bets interests of their business.

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