Content marketing is ruling the digital space, and Interactive Content will lead the way in 2020 and beyond, because of its driving force in the marketplace.

Disconnect and Dysfunction in the B2B Buyer-Seller Relationship

With the start of the new decade, marketers are putting efforts to ensure maximum impact on their target customers. It’s clear that no marketing strategy can sustain momentum without following the trends. Lately, interactive content has been widely used and expected to drive enormous opportunities for businesses to expand their market base. While educating the consumers with detailed information, marketers are making way through the sales funnel in this digital era.

About 91% of buyers want visual and interactive content rather than traditional formats – reads “2015 Content Preferences Survey” by Demand Gen Report. As the latest generation of customers has been surrounded by digitization, they prefer more interactive content. It helps them to make faster and more effective decisions. As per the American Marketing Association, 80% of buyers shared that their experience with brands is equally important as the products or services. Marketers are highly dependent and taking advantage of content marketing to sustain in the digital era. With continuous technological improvements in the past years, buyers today, both B2B and B2C, are showing diverse responses. Marketers are competing to remain up in the game and creating content that consistently attracts their audiences.

Marketing expert and author, Seth Godin said, “Marketing that works is the marketing that people choose to notice.” Two years ago, according to a study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 81% of marketers felt interactive content as becoming more effective than static content. However, creating interactive content is not simple- it has much higher costs than static content and is time-consuming. But still, companies are investing more in interactive content as it is encouraging conversations with optimal insights for future marketing advantages. In the B2B marketplace, the demand for interactive content is accelerating the growth of content marketing. Today, consumers want everything handy and something exciting to get involved. With the rise of 5G, people spend more time on phones. It is expected that many more brands will invest in gaming and crisp videos. Many “Fortune 500 companies” are using branded games as dynamic content alongside new creation platforms to attract the audience.

Manufacturing Content Marketers are Becoming More Strategic

Clearly, the time ahead is about all-things interactive, playable, and quick content. For marketers to remain a step forward, they need to experiment with advanced technologies and go with the trend. They succeed when the consumers appreciate and act upon the content, not just see it. Thus, lively content gives consumers a reason to stay and engage, making it a more prosperous and satisfactory act.