Marketers Leverage Social Media to Achieve App Store Optimization

    Social Media Marketing

    With approximate 5 million apps available in the app store, firms focus on app store optimization (ASO) and social media marketing of mobile apps to analyze and optimize marketing campaigns.

    Most companies implement a micro-planned marketing strategy from the beginning of the app development journey, estimating the revenue and market share targets. As per the market trend, most businesses rely on social media to market their apps or hire a marketing agency to achieve deliverables using experience.

    As per a survey conducted, almost 34% of firms use social media for marketing their app, while approximately 20% of firms concentrate on app store optimization (ASO). Experts suggest that the performance of ASO has almost 24% dependency on ratings and customer feedbacks on apps. A significant chunk of nearly 65% of the app builders relies on hired marketing agency for brand recognition and sales expansion — 50 % of larger firms across industry pay for online search and social media ads. Experts also suggest an impressive transition of marketers mindset where 34% of companies value daily active user as a performance analysis metric as compared to 11% of companies evaluating revenue generated per user. These numbers indicate the long term sustainable marketing strategies adopted by firms.

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    Social media offers an effective platform to connect with users across the globe and spread awareness. 19% of businesses focus on App store optimization, followed by 18% and 16% of firms prioritizing SEO and content marketing. Some firms also prefer PPC strategy to market the apps for better revenue generation. An average user spends almost 5 hours per day on their phone, out of which time spent on social media is around 116 minutes. Marketers need to capitalize on this time to promote their app.

    It is a must for marketers and content managers to use engaging social media content for marketing any app. Since for people time spend on social media is leisure time, companies should tell engaging and relatable stories about using the app to sell it to the best potential. Firms also can offer customer support through social media. Users may perceive a brand as more responsive if it has active social media channels, showcasing deeper customer relationships. Many brands across industries like Starbucks provide a dedicated social media channel to deal with customer issues and complaints.

    34% of top firms now see daily active users as the hero metric for tracking the app’s success. While downloads remain as the preferred metric by 17% of firms. Other than these two primary metrics, user retention rate, average revenue per user, and user review also make a significant mark. Daily active users provide insight into how many people are using the app. As more people start using the app, it is easier for businesses to convert users into revenue. Paid social ads also contribute to app awareness. To safeguard the success of an app, firms need to focus on social media for marketing their app, followed by ASO.

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