The top challenge faced by manufacturing content marketers is to overcome the traditional marketing-and-sales mindset, according to the latest report by Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

Over half, 55% of manufacturing content marketers have named this as the top challenge for 2020. The number is up from 50% in 2019.  Content marketers in the manufacturing sector are feeling more successful this year. Eighty-two percent of manufacturing respondents said their organization is extremely, very, or moderately successful. Meanwhile, 65% said they are more or somewhat more successful than a year ago.

Lisa Murton Beets, research director, Content Marketing Institute, said that manufacturing content marketers are no longer viewed as late adopters. She added that a large number of marketers are embracing content marketing strategically. Forty-one percent of the marketers have a documented content marketing strategy, up from 21% in 2018, indicating a stronger focus on being strategic with their content marketing approach. Moreover, they are also accessing subject matter experts and communicating complex content. Thirty-six percent of marketers reported being challenged with delivering complex content as compared to 60% last year. At the same time, 40% of marketers reported being subject matter experts, down from 50% last year.

The research further added that on average, content marketers for manufacturing are creating content for four different audiences. However, only 40% of marketers are crafting content for specific stages of the customer journey. They need to create content more precisely based on where those audiences are in the customer journey. Giving further insights, the report stated that 64% of manufacturing marketers outsource at least one content marketing activity. Eighty-seven percent of those marketers outsource content creation which explains the improvement in their ability to communicate complex content.

Talking about using other media platforms, the research revealed that the majority of the manufacturing marketers use social media platforms, their organization’s website/blog, and email to distribute content. However, they are losing out on several organic opportunities to distribute content. Only 43% of marketers take advantage of events while 33% of them are approaching media/influencer relations. Lastly, 31% of marketers are making use of guest posts/articles in third-party publications.

It is important to raise awareness about a company’s key products and services to generate more leads and sales in the long term. Content marketers in the manufacturing industry need to formulate and execute an effective content strategy to garner desired results.