Marketers are finding it challenging to focus on customer experiences in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizations need to prioritize customer interest particularly in the time of crisis, as it gives them an opportunity to create long-lasting memories about their brands in customers’ minds. It is important for marketers to keep up with changing customer preferences and expectations. Bringing in momentum to businesses by building customer loyalty and trust is crucial in the post-COVID-19 scenario.

Customers remember how companies respond in times of crisis. Therefore, brands that
showcase care and concern will build stronger bonds with their customers in the future. Taking proactive steps to comfort customers will help brands earn reputational benefits during uncertain times.

Organizations can tweak policies, arrange for a flexible refund, and find ways to help their
customers through this crisis. This will help in the long-term health of the companies. It is ripe time to come up with innovative digital models to connect with customers. Brands that
innovate in their digital delivery models and help consumers navigate the crisis will have a
strong advantage. There are firms that are making a handful of digital services free to their
existing customers and are attracting new ones. Teleconferencing and software companies are offering extended free trials for their online and app-based classes, and they have witnessed a rapid increase in app downloads and new sign-ups. Cost-cutting is inevitable in the time of crisis; however, it should not affect customer experience. Companies should focus on reducing operating cost and drive operational efficiencies during the economic downturn. However, the pandemic will force a significant shift in consumer behavior in terms of digital experience, say experts.

The coronavirus crisis has changed consumer buying behavior and challenged marketers to
revisit their company’s value proposition to consumers. It is time for brands to reassess which products and services can best deliver on that value proposition. Enterprises that reinvent themselves and rethink their existing marketing models will be able to build strong
relationships with their customers during the current and post COVID-19 crisis.