Leveraging structured data in B2B marketing

    Leveraging structured data in B2B marketing

    Structured data on a webpage allows browsers like Google to understand the webpage content; it helps in enhancing visibility on search engine results

    Marketing leaders say visibility of the enterprise’s webpage is vital in customer engagement and building reputation and customer base. Structured data helps Google analyze the data on a site and boost the website or a particular page’s visibility in the search engine results page.

    Enhanced visibility may range from the inclusion of the enterprise logo on the Google Knowledge Graph and search results or appearing in the image carousel at the top of the results page. Marketers need to be aware that Google changes the algorithm regularly.

    Structure data added today may not have the desired result later on, or the structured data added today that wasn’t effective may be productive in the long run. CMOs advise adding as much useful, structured data as possible. It doesn’t guarantee the best benefits, but it betters the chances for potential benefits.

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    Marketing experts warn that the addition of structured data to the website wouldn’t make it rank better on the organic search results. The element is not a ranking factor by itself. However, it can boost the prominence in the search listing, which helps increase the attention on the organization and the website and leads to better leads and traffic.

    The strategy will help dominate the search engine results page. Traditionally each results page has only a certain number of pixels length; when the organization takes up more search engine real estate than rivals are pushed down the results.

    CMOs agree that the utilization of structured data on generalized terms for ranking is complicated and tricky. But it helps to understand the page contents better and analyze whether it’s relevant to clients. Technical accuracy doesn’t always guarantee the better quality of the page compared to others.

    Structured data’s benefit to B2B enterprises


    CMOs reiterate that consistently maintaining client satisfaction is crucial. It can be the difference between building customer loyalty and losing it. Clients like to find answers to their queries easily rather than searching through the entire website for it.

    Marketers can use the question schema to identify the FAQs and clearly define answers in a succinct manner in search engine results. It is the best strategy to ensure client queries are answered proactively.

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    Marketing leaders say that it is vital to mark up apps with the relevant Software Application schema. Google needs details like rating, name, and price.

    It is a bonus if details on the app like the type: Educational Application, Developer Application, Security Application, or Business Application or the required OS to use the app are also given.


    B2B marketers say that enterprises don’t need to be news publishers for marking-up creative content. It is advised to utilize the schema type Blog Posting and to include details on publishing date, relevant blog image, and blog headline. B2B enterprises deploy intensive blogging practices as part of the content marketing policy. It would be advantageous to have a practice that is easy to implement and increases visibility simultaneously.

    Online events

    The pandemic has resulted in events getting canceled across the world. B2B pipeline has dried up significantly. To cope with the dynamic scenario, enterprises have shifted to the online platform and started conducting virtual events. It is necessary as events serve as a vital lead generation staple for many B2B enterprises. CMOs advise using the Event schema for tagging online events and gain higher visibility on the search engine results.

    Marketing leaders suggest using the “schema generator” option to find the most relevant category and improve the enterprise’s brand and page visibility.