Leveraging Data to Power Personalization in B2B Marketing

    Leveraging Data to Power Personalization in B2B Marketing

    CMOs today are concentrating on implementing customer-centric, data-driven, and hyper-personalized marketing strategies to increase the ROI.

    The B2B marketplace is constantly fluctuating, and businesses need to have a strategic marketing plan to increase the customer base. With evolving expectations from B2B buyers, increasing competition, and data complexities, CMOs should consider modernizing their approach to stay ahead of the competitors. Providing a top-notch customer experience is essential to tap a new customer base and retain the existing customers.

    Enterprises can embrace hyper-personalization by making the most out of their data, advanced analytics, AI, and ML in the customer lifecycle to gather new leads and gain valuable industry-specific customer insights. Following are a few ways to leverage data to embrace personalization in B2B marketing:

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    Create a B2B buyers’ persona

    B2B purchase cycle is lengthy, complex, and time-consuming, which doesn’t mean that funnel velocity needs to be improved to reduce the cycle time. CMOs should consider analyzing the customer data to create a client’s persona to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Gathering valuable customer data will assist the marketing teams in designing hyper-personalization marketing campaigns to target specific segments of the target market.

    A/B testing is a perfect way for marketers to understand what works and what doesn’t for a specific customer segment. Marketing teams can gather details like job title and industry through the presales campaigns to create a persona and categorize them accordingly. Enterprises should consider sending lead nurturing emails that are more personalized to each customer segment as per their industry or job title.

    Design and implement content personalization techniques

    Research released by the Content Marketing Institute in 2022 suggests that approximately 62% of successful presales campaigns documented content marketing in their strategies. CMOs should consider personalizing the website content for users by embracing strategic and incremental approaches. Customizing content for landing pages can create a positive impact on visitors.

    Enterprises can personalize content according to the customer segment, such as by industry, vertical, segment, buyer persona, client’s buying stage, a specific organization, or particular lead. Content personalization based on a database will enhance the customer experience and create a loyal customer base.

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    Evaluate the current data state and marketing tech stack

    Once the B2B enterprises know the importance of the role of personalization in the marketing strategies and the ways it aligns with the customer requirements, implementation will need the right data tools, marketing tech stack, and IT architecture. Data has become an integral part of businesses today, and it is essential for personalization. Organizations need to collect relevant data from the customer to personalize the marketing campaigns as per their need. It is a perfect way to deliver a top-notch customer experience as per the client segmentation.

    Before CMOs embark on a journey to personalize the B2B buying experience, they should consider evaluating the current data sets, creating a future vision, and determining what data sets will be required. Once the marketing teams have the answers to the evaluation questions, they can create a strategy to track the client, purchase third-party data, and capture first-party data throughout the client lifecycle. Gathering relevant data and implementing a strategy to target customers with the right content at the right time will enrich the impact of presales campaigns.

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