Integrating Event Tech in the Enterprise Marketing Strategy to Fuel Business Growth

    Integrating Event Tech in the Enterprise Marketing Strategy to Fuel Business Growth-01

    Event technology is rapidly evolving in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Today, event marketers have a wide range of technologies that they can choose from to add to their event tech stack. Event tech not only puts the marketing team at ease but also provides a better user experience for both marketers and online event visitors

    In-person events were suspended as the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in stay-at-home orders worldwide. Businesses needed to adapt quickly —postponing, canceling, and coming up with alternate event solutions. Most organizations turned towards the digital world to achieve better prospects and customer traction – they integrated event technology in their marketing strategy to drive positive trends in their tech investments and marketing returns.

    Today, advances in data analytics enable marketers to track and measure every component of their events. The boom of event technology has only made it easier to virtual event ideas to life. Now, event marketers have multiple technologies to choose from and add to their event tech stack.

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    Importance of Event Technology

    The enhancements in event technology not only puts the marketing team at ease but also creates a better user experience for online event visitors and marketers. Most of the event apps have features that can help users easily navigate the event online. The live online sessions are a great example of how event technology allows users to tune into sessions from any corner of the world.

    Event Technology plays a crucial role in helping organizations plan, produce and publish an event. Event technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and given the current scenario, this is a necessity.

    Let’s take a look at a few aspects that need to be part of the event tech stack.

    Networking and Community Building

    When replacing in-person events with virtual experiences, it’s crucial to ensure to ensure the human connection isn’t completely lost. Brands should include plenty of networking opportunities for their attendees by including virtual breakouts. With the help of a video conferencing platform (which a must-have for an event tech stack), brands can provide their attendees with an opportunity to network like they would during an in-person conference.

    Marketers should drive conversation during and after their events. They can increase engagement and keep things interactive by having teams dedicated to posting live insights from the conference on their channel.

    Event App

    Businesses can add an app to their event tech stack to allow attendees to view the bios of others and start conversations. In the case of a multi-track virtual conference, they can encourage their attendees to build out their agendas for the day and choose the sessions they will be attending.

    Furthermore, brands can drive engagement by providing some sort of gamification where attendees can see how they measure up on the app leader board. Marketers can host live polls, quizzes, and contests and also integrate the app into their social media. This can be a great opportunity for sponsors – brands can create a sponsor section on the app and book meetings with potential customers or retrieve leads.

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    Content Management System

    After putting together all the pieces required to create a memorable virtual experience, it’s time to bring it all together. Brands can leverage their current content management system (CMS) to create a virtual “event lobby.” They can link out to all their event presentations, networking events, and breakout sessions. This will help the attendees to access everything on one single platform.

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