Instagram has been an economic engine for many brands, and amid the crisis, more brands should adopt it into their marketing plans to succeed

With the notable implementation of digital transformation, Instagram is one of the best visual marketing tools in this era. Every business requires a compelling digital marketing strategy, especially in such a crisis period. Brands that avoided Instagram for Business in their marketing mix are missing out on many opportunities today.

Marketing Strategies 2020 – A Blend of Old school and Millennials

With the widespread lockdowns, the world is witnessing a massive shift in social media usage consumption. People are getting more involved with visual content, and this is reflected in the growing demand. Lately, Instagram has been announcing new updates in its platform to support businesses’ operation and for enhanced exposure.

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram has an intuitive interface and does not require training to use. According to recent statistics, it now has more than 1 billion active users every month. Undoubtedly, a vast, diverse population uses it every day, and thus, marketers can be assured that a significant part of their target audience fits the description. Linked with the proven functionalities of social media marketing, this strategy always results in a certain way to get advertisements seen as well as acted upon. As per Instagram, more than 200 million users hit at least one business accounts daily, and in 2019, the company generated $20 billion in ad revenue – claims Bloomberg.

Bigger brands are successfully cutting through the uncertainly with interactive content on the platform. According to Hootsuite, Instagram’s advertising reach is nearly 849.3 million users. Thus, to step into the pool of modern consumer groups, more businesses are investing in it to strengthen their following. Another great fact is – it is no cutting-edge Google plug-in, and various organic plans are available too. For market leaders, it just takes a decision to act upon Instagram as a vital subset of the digital marketing strategy. Social media marketing requires posting, responding, engaging, and more on a daily basis.  With Instagram’s latest API, tracking and scheduling posts have been more accessible, and thus, brands can focus on engagement and other core activities.

Digital Marketing – Marketers Need to Tweak Strategies amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

Creating a social media strategy differs for every brand, marketing teams, and products or services. Brands should take it up a top-performing tool in their marketing plans to avail satisfactory ROI and to improve their brand presence.