In this digital era, Instagram is not just used as a social networking platform but also a robust economic engine for different brands. Digital experience is not confined only to B2C marketing today. With the notable implementation of digital transformation, the marketplace is seeing a surprising move in the B2B marketing ideologies.

Instagram turns ten years in 2020, with over more than 1 Billion users globally!  (Till October 2019, as per Statista)

Marketing Automation – Top Solutions to Catalyze Growth for SMBs

The new decade is expected to see a massive shift in visual content with interactive social media platforms. Thus, B2B enterprises are keeping up with the ongoing evolution – all thanks to the ever-changing customer behavior. American author and marketing expert Seth Godin said, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell…Marketing that works is the marketing that people choose to notice.”

According to a recent study by eMarketer, Instagram will have nearly 26.9 million users join in 2020. The number is twice the projected growth compared to other social network platforms. Undoubtedly, it is eventually becoming a preferred network for B2B enterprises today. Marketers are adapting and planning for interactive content that is crisp and straight to the point.

Instagram is compatible only with B2C marketing strategies – says nobody in 2020. Instead, many B2B brands are already utilizing Instagram and its potential, and more are taking interest to start with it. Instagram’s advertising reach is almost 849.3 million users, as per Hootsuite’s research. Hence, to step into the vast consumer group of GenZ and Millennials, B2B brands are highly investing in popular social media apps to build up a following.

It’s Time for B2B Marketers to Leverage OOH

It is evident that many big B2B brands have been successful in their marketing campaigns on Instagram via different tools and the ‘Story’ feature. According to a recent study by Hootsuite on “Top 10 Instagram Stats for 2020”– Instagram users spend about 28 minutes a day (on average) on the app, and about 200 Million users go through at least one business profile every day. Another insight from the study shows that 75.3% of business in the U.S will use Instagram in 2020, given the fact 1/3 of the viewed stories is from different companies.

Clearly, Instagram is one of the top-performing apps that will expand more moving forward. It is high time for the remaining B2B businesses to jump into the pool of the biggest influencers to improve their user base and brand presence.