Influencer Marketing – the Key to Establish Customer Trust During Pandemic

    Influencer Marketing – the Key to Establish Customer Trust During Pandemic

    Brands must collaborate with suitable influencers to create content that is suitable to build customer trust, in order to surf through the current crisis.

    Considering the lockdown situation and the foreseeable future, multiple brands have started to pull their investments from traditional advertising.

    The pandemic has changed the marketing plans and communication messaging for almost every brand. Each business is affected in some manner, and they are trying to stick to activities that can re-capture their market and reinforce customer trust.

    From real-estate, e-commerce, manufacturing sector, automobile, aviation, and textile to every other industry, all have witnessed unexpected circumstances followed by some substantial change.

    There’s no closing date for when this fear of Covid-19 shall fade away; therefore, slowly, brands need to work on rebuilding the lost customer trust. This cannot happen over-night in any way, but with necessary steps, one has to at least initiate this process and begin effective communication with their customers. And influencer marketing will be playing a pivotal role in helping brands solve this problem.

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    Influencer marketing is the need of the hour – allowing brands to build awareness, build trust, brand-salience, get great reusable content, get conversions, and reach out to a targeted audience all through a single content piece. That’s the power of influencer marketing. Every piece of content provides various solutions to a brand; there’s hardly any other form of digital marketing that can beat this – at least in the current slow global economy.

    Social media usage is currently at its peak, and it’s mostly content creators/influencers who are creating authentic and relatable content to engage with their audience in diverse ways. The B2C brands have always actively relied on influencer marketing even before the pandemic, it’s time for B2B ones to also turn to them to overcome the current unprecedented crisis.

    Creating a robust and loyal customer base is the topmost urgent priority for firms. And every successful influencer has built up their community that consists of devoted and engaged followers. This provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to tap into. With influencer marketing, the effort behind creating a customer base has seen an immediate fall.

    Brands must collaborate with suitable influencers to create the right content relevant to build customer trust, in order to surf through the current crisis. Brands across industries like travel, automobile, tech, fashion, and personal care have always been executing various successful influencer marketing campaigns. An exciting trend noticed during this crisis is how conventional brands are showing sudden interest and participating in this form of marketing across the B2B sector.

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    Also, various industries like real-estate and aviation remain the most unexpected new entrants to help influencers strengthen their customer trust and achieve their marketing objectives.

    Many brands have started to pull out their funds from traditional advertising into newer forms of digital ads. In the current environment, it is quite logical to transfer these budgets into digital marketing efforts, especially influencer marketing. Though markets will definitely take time to recover from the coronavirus aftershocks, and it’s a long journey. But this is the right time to at least start and build some connection with the customers.

    Though, looking at the market instability, only time can tell how well the trust has been rebuilt. Brands need to focus on their services and how well they have adapted to the new normal with newly evolving norms.

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