Improving Marketing Strategies with DevOps Methodologies

    Improving Marketing Strategies with DevOps Methodologies-01

    DevOps plays an important role in digital transformation, from integrating data into marketing tools to discovering new revenue streams. Bringing marketing and DevOps together can only help boost collaboration and communications to effectively improve business goals.

    The adoption of new technologies helps businesses stay competitive in a constantly changing marketplace. As per a report from Statista, direct investments into digital transformation are projected to reach 6.8 trillion USD between 2020 and 2023. Enterprises that ignore the widespread reach of digital transformation risk falling behind.

    Digital transformation has a huge impact on automation, interactivity, and personalization, all of which are essential components in today’s marketing landscape and MarTech is the baseline technology of digital transformation. In fact, around 96% of CMOs believe that MarTech is absolutely essential for achieving future goals.

    Leveraging the company’s MarTech stack all starts with having concise goals in mind. Innovative and successful digital marketing goals should expand a company’s digital footprint in ways that focus on bringing new experiences to the customers in ways that do not raise overhead costs unnecessarily, delay new features or limit availability.

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    Companies can partner with developers who employ DevOps automation, to build or update the website to create the types of connected experiences that today’s consumers demand. This enables fast and targeted responses to their changing needs while maintaining the stability needed to keep the whole platform running smoothly.

    Marketing and DevOps Can Work Better Together

    More and more companies are using DevOps methodologies to improve products at a faster rate than their competitors who rely on traditional software development and management processes.

    It is important to remember that DevOps and marketing want the same things. Both teams want to improve their products and services and reach new customers and they want the company to succeed.

    Working as a Unified Team

    Marketing and software development teams often need to work together. Quite often, marketers need to promote new software releases via social media, press releases, events, emails, and the company website. Marketing is also in charge of gathering external feedback and insights from customers, prospects and partners.

    On the other hand, DevOps teams are in charge of connecting all that gathered data to Martech systems. Sometimes, marketing and sales need to see user activity in their CRM and marketing automation systems. Therefore this connection can help marketers create more relevant content based on user information.

    Bridging the Gap between DevOps and Marketing 

    The marketing department needs to communicate with DevOps to understand the details of the software they are promoting. Effective communication between the two can help marketers in customizing the messaging for specific audiences. This useful information from DevOps can help marketers to improve their content plan, including paid advertising, white papers, sales cadences, and so on.

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    Marketing can also highlight the right features and use cases for various industries using the information from DevOps. Both marketing and DevOps teams are responsible for clear and effective communication that can drive business goals of the company more effectively.

    The Need for Increased Trust

    Marketing is responsible for promoting services and products to non-technical users and decision-makers. The marketing messaging may sound wrong to the DevOps team and software developers. But, this kind of messaging may be exactly what the non-technical people need to hear to make a decision.

    Moreover, marketing teams are performing tests on a continuous basis and these tests are different from DevOps tests. Marketing tests involve different versions of imagery and messaging to see what works the best. DevOps team members may deem this as a waste of. Instead, they should trust marketer’s ideas even if they don’t immediately see the benefit.

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