Marketing leaders say that the importance of customer experience has increased by manifold times during the pandemic

The global pandemic has proved to be an unprecedented challenge for nearly all organizations across the world. The value of customer experience (CX) has drastically increased as more customers look towards digital channels due to the pandemic. This has bought a special focus on the brand’s need for accelerating their digital transformation measures.

The increased move to digital means that the current clients have become less loyal to brands as they have discovered it’s easier to transfer to a competitor who is better equipped at meeting the needs. When organizations deliver memorable or more superior digital customer experience, they will observe higher customer retention.

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To successfully align their CX strategy with growth objectives, CMOs need to ensure effective alignment between IT and Marketing. Tools are required by marketing to provide unique customer experiences that enable and implement successful engagements. IT can help the organization to reach the required outcome with the proper alignment.

The necessity of alignment 

C-suite executives considered customer experience as an important brand differentiation even before the pandemic. Proper alignment of the CX strategy gives the enterprise a competitive edge. Compared to the past, customers are no longer attached or loyal to particular brands. Awesome CX can be advantageous for the complete enterprise via higher market shares and greater customer loyalty levels.

Steps to delivering alignment

CMOs believe that customer experience is the main foundation for digital businesses in the current scenario. It is a shared responsibility between all departments in an enterprise. In conventional terms, everyone must share ownership over customer experience as it ensures that all are united regarding superior CX delivery. To achieve this, Marketing and IT requires the right tools to complete their promises.

To aid in accelerating their digital transformation and future-proofing the CX, organizations need to put forward proper processes and technology. Marketing can be supported by IT by implementing scalable tech that allows for uninterrupted customer experience.

How can IT leaders help align the CX strategy?

CMOs feel that IT leaders are uniquely placed to enable proper alignment of the CX strategy with the enterprise goals. This can be done with their input, collaboration, and leadership conviction that obsolete systems can be improved and updated with modern solutions.

They can then ensure that the marketing department can provide the digital experiences needed to improve and drive engagement. Enterprise leaders have an increased role in enabling digital transformation. CIOs believe that CEOs depend more on them for guidance, leadership, and support.

Technology can help deliver and scale the proper omnichannel experience effectively. Marketing leaders believe that such practice is important in the current scenario of the crowded digital environment, where all brands are fighting for clients’ attention.

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When the CX strategy alignment is initiated at early stages between IT and marketing departments, they need to be highly collaborative. Enterprises need to be flexible and agile with the capability to react to dynamic market trends rapidly. The right martech solution, when in an enterprise’s stack, will ensure a seamless digital transformation and comprehensive strategy to complete business goals.