How to Improve Email Marketing Conversion Rates?

    Conversion Rates

    Since email marketing has been a core part of digital marketing, building and improving conversion rates is important. To do this, marketers need to create compelling strategies.

    Email marketing is one of the most important strategies used by marketers. Its success, however, depends on its structure and execution. These aspects can also impact conversion rates, both positively and negatively.

    Here are some statistics to indicate how important sound email marketing strategies have been:


    HubSpot Blog Research, 2021

    (HubSpot Blog Research, 2021)



    Statista, 2021

    (Statista, 2021)

    This article focuses on ways and strategies for improving email marketing conversion rates.

    An overview of email marketing conversion rates

    Email marketing conversion rate refers to the percentage of subscribers who actually open the emails. It includes open rates and click-through rates. By taking an average of these elements, marketers evaluate emails opened with engagements.

    This is an important metric as it indicates how effective email marketing strategy is and determines the return on investment.

    Conversion rates from emails depend on various factors, including email designs, content, customer data, and email frequency. It also includes follow-up emails along with CTA that deliver readers to the right landing page of the website.

    The conversion goals also depend on product purchases and service launches. So, the success of email marketing conversion rates depends on the related sales.

    How to Calculate Email Conversion Rates?

    Marketers calculate email conversion by dividing the average of emails opened- by the total number of email recipients.

    Email conversion rates can be determined through the following elements:

    • Audience: The strength and quality of the target audience play key roles in determining conversion rates.
    • Content: The quality and relevance of email content increase the chances of customer conversions, thus boosting rates.
    • Call to action: A clear and on-point CTA is a boon to gather maximum clicks. For this, it should be well-placed and encourage audiences to take action.
    • Email Deliverability: The number of emails sent and delivered at the right time increases the potential for clicks and openings.

    By combining these elements, marketers can monitor emails and align their strategies for good conversion rates.

    Most importantly, marketers should have proper data to monitor these elements. Data will be key in gaining proper insights for monitoring conversion rates.

    Now, that makes marketers develop important data-based strategies to achieve conversion goals. So, let’s focus on strategies to help marketers achieve the same.

    Key strategies for Improving and boosting email conversion rates

    1. Segmentation of email lists

    What is the best way for brands to differentiate themselves from mass emails in customers’ inboxes?

    One of the best ways is the segmentation of email lists. For that, the basic requirement is customer data and awareness, consideration, and conversion.

    Marketers should use email marketing platforms to gain customer data. They can segment it based on purchase history, email browsing activities, and demographics. This data will help to create specific yet compelling emails.

    Segmentation allows marketers to categorize customers according to their interests and needs. This strategy will increase the likelihood that people will open similar emails.

    Targets are also more likely to return to the brand for the solution. Segmented email campaigns can eventually help in achieving higher revenues.

    2. Automate Emails

    Brands today emphasize giving individual attention to customers through emails. And in this space, automated emails work the best!

    This is because its workflow boosts customization and streamlines campaigns. Implementing this strategy will help marketers get closer to gaining conversion rates at scale.

    Marketers can use segmented customer data to initiate personalized emails with compelling content, persuading customers to take action.

    3. Conduct A/B Testing

    Marketers should regularly test and rework emails based on the success rates of any particular template. Testing results will help marketers to understand what works in email marketing processes and what does not. Marketers must constantly update the production, campaigns, and channels for better conversion results.

    Based on these, marketers can improve the weak areas of email marketing processes and boost email conversion rates efficiently.

    4. Optimize emails for Mobile experience

    According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report from MovableInk,

    US Consumer Device Preference Report

    So, here are mobile-friendly design tips to help marketers increase conversion rates:

    • Keep subject lines short for easy and proper readability
    • Marketers should use a single-column layout
    • Keep subject lines short with mobile-friendly fonts for easy reading
    • Use CTAs instead of links for maximum clicks, thus increasing conversion rates

    5. Create targeted Emails

    Targeted emails are more susceptible to more conversions. This boosts conversion rates.

    Targeted emails are subject to customers’ pain points and are solution-driven. Using appropriate customer data, marketers can target and create compelling email marketing content. This will encourage users to open the emails and increase the chances of engaging through CTAs.

    Brands deliver more pertinent content with customized emails. This makes it more likely that the targets will open the email to look for more information.

    Such instances result in higher email conversion rates.

    Quick Ways to Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rate

    • Add personalization

    Personalizing emails leads to quick conversions. So, marketers should personalize every aspect of emails, including the subject lines, email content, devices, and delivery time. This will create engaging emails and encourage them to open more such emails.

    • Include interactive elements in emails

    Interactive content in emails gives more conversions than passive content. So, adding a bit of creativity, like images, videos, graphics, and other content designs, will make emails interesting visually. Optimizing these for mobile experiences will increase the clickability of the emails. This increases the chances of conversion.

    • Create Emails Based On the Customers’ Funnel Stage

    Marketers should create email marketing campaigns based on the following:

    • Time duration of recipients subscribed to the email list
    • Purchase history
    • Website activities
    • Open and click-through rates for previous emails

    This lets marketers gain insights into customers’ buying behavior using different marketing funnels.

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    • Track email open rates

    Use automated email platforms to track leads opening emails to take a follow-up at the right time. Continuous tracking will give deep insights into email performances also.

    Key takeaways

    Email marketing is still the best channel to get more and more conversion rates. And with the advent of automated emails, brands can achieve desirable conversion rates.

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