How to Get Everyone on the Same Page in the Decentralized Marketing Framework

    How to Get Everyone on the Same Page in the Decentralized-01

    With the popularity of decentralized marketing continuing to grow, CMOs should strive to identify ways to keep multiple departments on the same track.

    With a decentralized marketing framework in place, organizations can market and advertise their products and services with little interference or bottlenecks. As per “Marketing Organizational Survey 2019” from Gartner, “By the end of 2022, 51% of organizations plan to have a decentralized marketing structure in place, a significant surge from 20% in 2019. A surge of over 30% shows that decentralized marketing will continue to gain traction in the coming years. However, there is still the issue of multiple teams handling their own projects, which results in siloed processes along with inconsistent branding messages that hamper the marketing efforts of the brand. The problem only gets worse when these teams have to come together to work on organization-wise projects. Therefore, CMOs and other marketing leaders should devise strategies that will enable them to take a symbiotic approach towards achieving their shared goals. 

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    Here are a few ways CMOs can get everyone on the same page in the decentralized marketing structure:  

    • Encompass well-defined metrics as well as process

    Having a more decentralized marketing team makes it difficult for CMOs to manage them well. Therefore, CMOs should have three approaches in place, such as well-defined, top-down objectives as well as key results (OKRs) that make them transparent to the team for them to define their goals. Additionally, CMOs should create an operating rhythm that will allow them to review progress, help teams with issues they encounter as well as effectively communicate changes. Furthermore, they should ensure that the cross-functional teams regularly communicate to ensure their overall goals are aligned with the marketing team. 

    • Communicate on the Macro and Micro levels

    To maintain transparency and increase engagement, CMOs should foster a culture where communication is open on the macro as well as micro levels. With marketers and communication leaders spread across the organization, CMOs should reach out to them in the early stages of their marketing initiatives. They should encourage their participation throughout the process as well as celebrate their successes together. With small but impactful meetings and messages, CMOs should keep other stakeholders groups in the organization engaged. 

    • Monitor Cross- Team OKRs using one product

    One of the top priorities of CMOs should be to monitor the OKRs of the entire organization as well as add cross-team OKRs into the business. This will enable them to have multiple teams working towards the same goal, will enhance collaboration, and they will witness improved results in all of their projects. To ensure they are utilizing it to its greatest extent, CMOs should have a thoroughly maintained OKR, review intermediary results while managing the understanding of the shared goals.

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    • Ensure to align intents of metrics and messaging

    To effectively align elements in a decentralized marketing framework, CMOs should first identify the leading and lagging indicators that will help them to achieve success. They should be numeric and should not be debatable since it will provide better focus and direction for all the aspects of the team. Later on, they should focus on messaging alignment.

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