How precision targeting and intent powered initiatives pave the way for a Better B2B Marketing and Sales Strategy

    How precision targeting and intent powered initiatives pave the way for a Better B2B Marketing and Sales Strategy

    As the 21st century sees innovation at a rapid pace, the marketing and sales strategy of a business needs to keep up with the evolving marketplace.

    It is not feasible anymore for an organization’s marketers to brand their product to a specific group of people. Today, marketers need to take a more inclusive approach. Since every marketplace is evolving continuously, it has become paramount of importance for brands to not only target a specific group but to further break it down into required audiences and curate their messages to their specific needs.

    With precision marketing and intent powered initiatives, brands can get an in-depth insight into their target consumer and their behavior. These marketing strategies provide marketers, and sales representatives with a model of an ideal customer including their demographics, firmographics, pain points, etc. – which only increases their chance of delivering the right message. Investment in developing this ideal buyer persona with necessary strategies are poised to deliver a high return on investment (ROI).

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    Below are the steps involved in precision marketing and intent powered initiatives that work:

    Identifying a Buyer Persona

    With precision marketing, brands can attract and retain the targeted audience. They can evaluate existing data of their customers and can identify what messages they need to curate for a specific product for their audience. This is an essential step to identify the required customers and what their needs are. Furthermore, the marketers can identify individuals and their job titles for Marketing and buying group members that are in the market and target them strategically.

    Since there’s usually a team of members while making a transaction of B2B purchase, organizations can form a stronger strategy with a higher potential to target the required persona for revenue generation.


    It is a crucial step to empower the brand strategy. With the segmentation of a specific group, companies can develop a focused strategy and marketing campaign that will
    help them to gain and retain customers.

    A marketing message, tailored to the target audience, can help them to feel that someone is actively working on their needs. Such campaigns can ignite the sense of trust in the buyer and help to retain their loyalty.

    To identify the targeted customers, brands can look at their existing customers and determine the platform and message that needs to be customized for them.

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    Potential Prospects

    With the right intent provider, companies can identify the potential buyer and their habits by tracking their purchase intent activity. By analyzing the keywords prospects have used to make their purchase, the customized and intended message with the right tone at the right time. Such tailored messages can better attract the target audience and have the potential to increase conversion.

    As identifying and nurturing is one of the most intensive activities for B2B marketing and sales organizations, working with the quality intent data can significantly reduce the time and steps involved in the process.

    Taking a more intelligent approach to B2B marketing and sales, through precision targeting and intent-powered initiatives enable organizations with a better opportunity to build revenue and grow their business. Today, leading B2B companies are leveraging precision targeting, personas, segmentation, and intent to meet buyers’ expectations and drive quality marketing-qualified leads for sales.

    The prevailing situations with fierce competition, utilizing the intelligent approach of precision marketing, and intent-powered initiatives provide companies an edge with opportunities to increase revenue, achieve desired goals, and expand their business.

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