How Omnichannel Marketing Can Help Increase RoI

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    How Omnichannel Marketing Can Help Increase ROI

    Omnichannel marketing offers several benefits that can drive sales and boost the company’s revenue. It has the power to strengthen customer relationship more than any other marketing strategy

    Creating a customer journey that focuses on hyper-personalization is extremely crucial. With Omnichannel marketing, marketers get data on your customer’s behavior and preferences based on how they interact with brands, thereby making targeting easier. According to a recent study by Omnisend, e-commerce companies that offer an omnichannel experience witnessed 90% higher customer retention as compared to those that provided single-channel experiences. Marketers can continue to retarget across several platforms to bring your customers back to your platform.

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    Researches from Aberdeen Group mentions organizations that have implemented an omnichannel strategy were able to retain 89% of their customers. In comparison, other companies that used a single-channel strategy were able to retain only 33% of them.

    In order to increase the purchase intent of consumers, constant messaging across multiple channels has the potential to increase the purchase intent of the consumers by 90%, found a study by Interacting Advertising Bureau (IAB). It is essential to identify what customers know and train marketing, sales, and customer support teams to deliver a consistent message. Identify the type of assets customers will need throughout the lifecycle and offer it to them with personalization. One way to substantially increase customer retention is to personalize the content from acquisition to support.

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    Around 60% of the millennials expect consistent brand experience across channels, as per a study by SDL. Omnichannel marketing allows marketers to go beyond messaging to create a consistent experience for customers across all the channels.

    After implementing an omnichannel marketing plan, it is necessary to periodically assess and measure the performance of all channels, and make significant changes.

    A robust omnichannel strategy can directly increase conversions by preventing a disconnect in communication. A Forbes Insights and Arm Treasure Data study say, 40% of the respondents said that personalization had helped them to maximize their sales.

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