How CMOs can Leverage Customer Support to Win Customer Loyalty

    How CMOs can Leverage Customer Support to Win Customer Loyalty

    Today, brands cannot afford to lose their customers as each one is critical to their survival. Hence, CMOs must ensure that they deliver excellent customer support, ensuring that the customers receive the required resolution and satisfaction and enables them to strengthen their loyalty.

    Customer loyalty has played a vital role in the survival of many brands in the year 2020. With the constantly changing needs of their customers, brands that streamline their customer support can expect to witness immense growth and revenue. This has led customers to stick and stay loyal to them.

    In today’s economic climate, brands are actively fighting to retain every customer. As a result, customer service has risen to a new level. It is critical for brands to deliver an exceptional customer experience and win their customers’ confidence. Customer support, on the other hand, can also lead to a brand’s success in other ways.

    By winning their customers’ loyalty, brands can stay strong in the face of adversity and keep their operations afloat, and if utilized well, can even thrive. However, if they still cannot streamline their customer support processes, they cannot garner the trust and loyalty of their customers. Therefore, they must learn and understand to leverage it for winning customer loyalty. Let’s look at a few strategies that CMOs can use to achieve this:

    • Improving customer communication platform

     It is no longer sufficient to support customers via email, phone, and in-person conversations in today’s environment. With a rising number of customer touch points such as social media and IP telephony, customers now have more ways to communicate their issues.

    While resolving issues via phone or in-person interaction is still important, brands must now take the time to respond to their customers on various social media platforms. Therefore, CMOs must reassess and constantly improve their various touch points to ensure that their customers can easily contact them and have their concerns heard or resolved in a timely manner.

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    • Setting customer service standards

    Before implementing any new marketing technology, CMOs must establish specific standards for their employees and customers. They must define what their customers can expect from them and what their service team needs to do to deliver on those expectations. CMOs must regularly interact with their customer support team to gather what struggle they are facing and what they can do to resolve them.

    • Training the team

     To provide outstanding customer service, employees who work directly with the customers must do more than just following certain basic etiquettes. Being enthusiastic and friendly is just one aspect of their responsibilities that will enable them to deliver excellent customer support. Therefore, CMOs must find better ways to train their staff helping them learn new ways to deliver exceptional customer experiences on a regular basis.

    • Introducing customer loyalty initiatives

    Customer loyalty programs have proven to be one of the most effective ways for brands to increase their customer loyalty. It enables them to use the transaction history and customer-provided data to deliver relevant and timely offers to their customers for improving the overall experience. Furthermore, it also allows them to expand their customer base and offer more rewards by partnering with related brands.

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    • The Takeaway

    As brands look forward to scaling their growth and revenue, they must ensure that take all possible steps to deliver exceptional customer experiences, including excellent customer support. This will enable them to distinguish themselves from other competitors and enable them to keep the loyalty of their customers.

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