Half of B2B Marketers Don’t Succeed while Driving Multi-Channel Campaigns

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    The new research from Skout B2B communications agency found that half of all B2B marketers fail to drive multi-channel B2B campaigns mainly due to a lack of knowledge.

    Nearly half (46%) of marketers struggle to integrate channels, claiming that this was their most significant obstacle to deliver their marketing activities successfully.  The survey, which is based on 100 senior UK marketing professionals, found that 63% felt they were not taking advantage of the different marketing channels available to them. Although marketers realize the benefits of using multiple channels within their marketing programs, many are struggling to integrate them effectively.

    Forty-two percent of marketers agreed that using multiple marketing channels is the most critical aspect of campaign integration. The survey further revealed that 40% of respondents don’t reuse content because they feel that it is not suitable for other formats. Moreover, 35% are concerned that the value in content is lost after its first use and that it is not reusable. As per the survey, around 32% of marketers blame non-effective campaign planning for not reusing content, while 40% say it is the need for marketing and sales alignment. A brand or a business limits the exposure of its content if it is unable to communicate via all the correct channels to reach its audience. If brands fail to embrace and work across all channels (paid and social media), their content will not gain maximum reach as a result of which they could miss out on new prospects.

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    The survey consisted of 30% CMOs and 26% of marketing communications directors. Highlighting the role of PR, the study revealed that 80% of respondents believe it a crucial element in enhancing SEO along with building targeted brand awareness. Nearly 90% of respondents agreed that developing a PR program could also improve social media performance. At the same time, 57% still struggle to integrate PR, social media, SEO and link building when planning and strategizing.

    The study concluded saying that almost all the respondents identified training, skills, and budgets as fundamental factors holding them back from improved integrated marketing. Only 16% of marketers surveyed said they were equipped with sufficient training and skills.

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