Four Reasons to Use Marketing Automation


    Businesses can significantly enhance the level of personalization through the use of special marketing automation tools and the creation of innovative marketing strategies, which will result in a more engaged and motivated audience throughout the buyer journey.

    Marketing automation is a powerful tool that helps businesses to overcome many challenges which they face while trying to scale their marketing efforts. Market automation enables  resource optimization, allowing for  more effective marketing efforts. Grand View Research predicts that by 2025, the marketing automation industry would reach USD 8.42 billion. This clearly indicates  the benefits of marketing automation solutions. Some challenges that marketing automation can be used to overcome our-

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    Marketing ROI Measurement

    Every marketer wants insights into impacts of marketing strategy on company growth, and justify the RoI. Businesses are increasingly turning to marketing automation to track leads from initial engagement through conversion, which can then be used to calculate the ROI of marketing campaigns and activities. Marketing automation offers a closed-loop system that can be used to track leads from initial engagement through conversion. Through the use of scoring and grading tools, marketing automation also improves the quality of leads. With the use of these feature, marketers can filter out leads that are more likely to convert , and focus their efforts on those potential customers. Therefore, a robust solution of  marketing automation can be used to solve the challenge of assessing marketing ROI.

    Absence of Time & Resources

    As time and resources are crucial for any business and are always in short supply, most  organizations  find  it difficult to keep up with the demand for new marketing content. Marketing automation solves these time & resource problems by streamlining content creation and distribution, so businesses get more power to create and publish content more quickly and efficiently. Marketing automation   targeting audiences as per audience   ensures that the right audience is receiving the right content at the right time-optimizing time and resources.

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    Scaling Marketing Efforts

    Maintaining marketing productivity at the same level along with the business growth  is difficult because usually marketing teams are often tasked with managing a large volume of potential customers.

    Marketing automation can help businesses in scaling their marketing efforts without any addition to the team.

    Enhanced transparency and visibility

    A lack of visibility into marketing results is considered a major business challenge. Although digital marketing automation can offer some insight, it is often not easy to get a   transparent view of the most efficient strategies , which might result in a lack of ROI as well. With the help of marketing automation, a more holistic view of the customer journey can be obtained. Businesses can obtain a better understanding of customer interaction with brands by tracking down the interactions across channels and touchpoints. This data is also used to fine-tune the marketing campaigns and result in optimization. Content curation platforms such as Pay-per-click ads, social media campaigns, blog content, video sharing channels, or SEO content, all are served in a single place via marketing automation for the business to create content using simple drag and drop builders, schedule them to post at the right time via automation and analyze the reach with in-depth reports.

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