Four Content Marketing Trends That Will Emerge by 2025

marketing trends 2025

Fresh content, focus on video marketing, and real influencers are some of the top content marketing trends B2B marketers need to watch out for in the future.

Content marketing trends will tweak content creation for businesses in the next five years. Content plays a significant role that would define enterprises that will become successful in the future. The following are some of the top content marketing trends that will emerge by 2025

Content Marketing Trends that will emerge by 2025

Focus on creating original content

It is the need of the hour that brands start working on creating original content and owning it. Businesses need to have a fair balance between owned, earned, and paid media. As per experts, paid media will become more expensive, and earned media will become difficult to earn.  In order to get adequate returns from marketing communications, businesses need to build owned content and leverage it further. Also, User-generated content on the owned platform would take your brand to a different level.

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Video marketing will be the key

Short as well as long video formats will play an important role in scaling marketing efforts. Visual content in a story-telling format, as well as web series format, will become prominent in the near future. With Instagram and Facebook stories growing, videos will now be seen more on stories than on feed.

Choose Real Influencers 

Influencer marketing will be a crucial part of marketing strategies. B2B marketers need to choose real influencers who are genuine and experts in their subjects. The specialist influencers will witness immense popularity as platforms like Instagram will give more push towards brand image and popularity and less on the number of likes. 

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Businesses Will Invest in Augmented Reality

Online, as well as offline experiences, will take center stage in the coming years. Companies will invest and use AR in unique ways to create offbeat experiences for consumers. Offering in-store experiences to consumers about products via AR would also rise. Brands such as IKEA are already engaging their consumers through AR offerings.

In the next five years, marketers would get more time on storytelling, as chatbots will take over their mundane jobs. Moreover, brands would have a fair understanding of expectations from chatbot when it comes to customer service and experience. It will also help in making content reach its audiences faster and quicker. There will be a high demand for storytellers, along with marketing communication specialists, which will help in effective content distribution cost-effectively.

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