Foundational B2B Elements: Laying the Groundwork for Success

    Foundational B2B Elements Laying the Groundwork for Success-01

    B2B marketers need to strengthen their grip on B2B elements that will enable them to lay a ground for success in 2022 and beyond.

    As per DemandGen’s 2021 “Content Preferences Survey Report, ” 62% of the respondents stated that they rely on content for researching and making B2B purchase decisions than they did in 2020. With this trend continuing to grow in 2022 and beyond, B2B marketers will need to rethink the way they curate content. Additionally, researching, ordering, and reordering is expected to go digital no matter what product the organization is marketing from software to industrial goods. At the same time, B2B marketers will need to rethink their definition of digital, as it means many things to many buyers.

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    In 2022, B2B marketers should now know about their customers to design and build a digital marketing powerhouse that meets their needs. They should find a way to balance data, insights, and technology for driving critical marketing strategies.

    With the demise of third-party cookies, marketers need to find a way around data that can support targeted advertising and account-based marketing (ABM). Their insights should be concentrated on key metrics that unwarp new opportunities. Additionally, they should identify ways to effectively orchestrate technology for driving marketing at scale.

    Here are three foundational B2B marketing elements that marketers should emphasize to succeed in 2022:

    • Identity graphs for first-party data

    With concerns around privacy at an all-time high, many search engines and browsers have opted to limit or eliminate third-party cookies. This will drastically impact B2B marketers who rely on them to create tailored products and experiences for their customers. This will force marketers to seek alternatives for getting the needed insights and the best place for them to look is their own data.

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    Contrary to traditional beliefs, first-party data can yield some interesting insights for marketers. It is more precise, stable and relevant to the business of the marketer. But, first-party data lacks scaling, limiting B2B marketers. To address this issue, identity graphs have emerged, that will help marketers to connect different data sets, clean data as well as set the stage for marketers to activate data via partnerships. It also B2B to use first-party data for programmatic advertising and makes it easier for them to share insights securely. Moreover, an identity graph allows marketers to view what data is missing, empowering them to uncover more opportunities and helping marketers create more relevant campaigns.

    • Reporting on the required metrics

    Along with data, there is a necessity to obtain the necessary insights. Having different reporting to understand the marketing efforts will never allow B2B marketers to understand how individual prospects interacted across both the channels via the customer journey. Therefore, to view the full impact of marketing across a customer journey, insights need to be orchestrated into a cohesive whole. These omnichannel insights empower marketers to make informed decisions regarding budget and segmentation.

    • Develop tailored ABM across channels

    For building an exceptional omnichannel marketing strategy, B2B marketers should start analyzing every channel that has significance to the customers. They should look at unique customer journeys to identify where customers are leaving the website as well as identify where they are going or how other channels can help them to build a better experience.

    While these three components lay the groundwork for B2B marketing, they also need innovation. B2B buyers have evolved to opt for online channels across many touch-points along their customer journey. It falls on the shoulders of B2B marketers to take up the competitive lead while giving them the best experience.

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