Filling the Sales Funnel with Right Targeted Marketing Mix

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    Businesses are relying on the use of digital marketing to target customers online. Using the right mix of digital marketing tactics is essential to keep the sales funnel full, ensuring that there are new customers ready to act.

    In order to comprehend how to get a customer to “act,” i.e., buy the product or service, buyers need to fully understand their journey from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom, where the conversion takes place.

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    The idea of the sales funnel is broad, casting a wider net to increase awareness of the brand and to drive the website traffic effectively. As marketers go down the funnel, digital marketing strategies tend to focus on conversions and leads. Behavioral marketing is the best way to target potential customers and draw them into the sales funnel. A mix of two main tactics under the behavioral marketing umbrella can yield robust results.

    Targeted display

    The most crucial step is to design an adequately targeted display. It displays content that targets users who are filtered, potential customers. Instead of running after a pre-determined segment of people, potential customers are targeted by their online behavior. Businesses can target people based on keyword searches or even serve them messages on their devices using geo-fences. This tactic of targeted display raises awareness of the brand and drives customers to the website, which is the first step for filling the sales funnel.


    When it’s time to move down the funnel to a more precise marketing approach, retargeting should be the next step. They need to have specific keyword searches; retargeting will only go after those who have already visited the website, which means going after people who have already shown an interest in the product or service.

    For example, a person visiting a product on the website, he or she can be targeted with ads for similar products. If a person adds items to the shopping cart on your website but doesn’t complete the purchase, they can be targeted with ads encouraging them to make the purchase post regular intervals.

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    Leveraging both targeted display and retargeting is a sound way to build awareness for the business, create interest, influence a decision, and capitalize on an action. This marketing mix is sure to fill your sales funnel.