Facebook Messenger Helping Retail Marketers Catch up for the Lost Sales

    Facebook Messenger Helping Retail Marketers Catch up for the Lost Sales

    Social media trends come and go, but Facebook Messenger marketing is here to stay for the longest.

    With approximately 79% of the U.S. population possessing at least one social media profile, marketing across the social platform has become the most prominent communication channel.

    Its wide reach has made social marketing a relatively low cost and easy to implement option for marketers. But, with so many social platforms, marketers are confused about the correct options for audience engagement.

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    After narrowing down to the media platform to market on, the next big question is to choose the channel of engagement: Feed posts, boosted posts, stories, ads, etc.

    Currently, over 90% of teens and 80% of adults use various messaging apps to communicate with each other. Social media is no longer limited to sharing information; it’s a virtual world for communication, recommendation, feedback, and marketing.

    As per Facebook, 56% of people prefer to use messenger tools to communicate with a brand representative as compared to speaking over the phone, and 53% of shoppers prefer to buy from brands that they can message directly for support.

    With Facebook Messenger marketing, e-commerce and retail companies can connect easily and quickly with shoppers and site visitors using Facebook chatbots. Facebook Messenger marketer has come up as a new channel for engagement, which is similar to email marketing.

    Messenger outreach is highly personalized and can be automated through a variety of available tools, raising the potential of higher marketing ROI. An effective Messenger campaign will empower merchants to contact the interested consumer directly with recommendations. These recommendations will guide them to return to an abandoned cart or offers on the products on their wish list.

    It is simple to implement Facebook Messenger marketing into the ongoing strategy.

    Marketers should keep these options in mind to leverage it smartly:

    Recover Abandoned Carts

    Approximately 70% of online shoppers abandon their online shopping carts. Marketers can recover $260 billion if they strategize correctly to complete the purchase using Facebook Messenger. Marketers can send a message to remind shoppers of what they left behind in the cart, ideally within 12 hours. If a consumer is engaging with the brand, it’s essential to reach out while the interest is fresh. Facebook Messenger is a great way to push shoppers to complete a purchase.

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    Opt-In Campaigns

    Before leveraging the benefits of Facebook Messenger marketing, marketers must receive explicit consent to contact consumers across this channel. Fortunately, this provides an added opportunity to connect with the email subscribers. The Facebook Messenger program is ready to fly, and it’s the perfect time to run easy opt-in campaigns through which marketers can send alerts to consumers through email about new features and offers.

    Copy Strategy

    Marketers are driving more conversations through personalized interaction with shoppers. Since contacting through Facebook provides a more personal experience than email, it’s essential to that the content is friendly and conversational, rather than robotic and generic. With the right touches, marketers can provide a seamless brand experience for shoppers on Facebook Messenger.

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    Retailers can use these best practices as the framework for the Facebook Messenger marketing strategy to improve social results and to convert the otherwise lost sales.

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