Facebook Business Pages still has a strong presence in the market; however, a new approach needs to be taken to leverage its full potential.

Increasing new-age media and social channels are becoming a popular means of customer connect and giving tough competition to traditional outlets like Facebook. Business-page posts are known for their low reach and are often accounted for 5% or fewer of a page’s total like count.

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A Facebook presence helps increase awareness for businesses, and hence is a good option for businesses to invest time and resources in their marketing strategy. The following are some of the steps companies can take to garner marketing returns from their Facebook business pages.

Focus on the popularity of live stream

Since 2016, the Facebook Live feature has been available for all users; however, the majority of entrepreneurs are still reluctant to adopt it. As compared to regular posts or photos, live videos have a more extensive reach as well as potential. According to Facebook, live video receives ten times the engagement of a non-live post. Followers will also get a notification informing that the live stream has started so they can join.

Continuous dialogue is possible when brands can engage with users in real-time and respond to their comments. Marketers should consider broadcasting a longer Facebook Live stream to increase comments and conversations with their followers.

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Use Messenger to push personalization

A good move to push personalization even further is by pairing a Messenger bot strategy with the organization’s Facebook business page. As per the latest McKinsey report, personalization will be the prime driver of marketing success by 2025. With Messenger, marketers can reach their target audience. At the same time, multiple campaigns boast open rates of more than 80% or higher and click-through rates of more than 20%. Companies can even opt for a Messenger sequence that can help answer user questions automatically, through pre-built content. Another option is to build a bot from Facebook’s developer instructions.

Invest in increasing visibility 

Organizations need to invest in increasing post visibility while advertising to existing page likes. Consumers are increasingly ignoring ads; however, in reality, they are ignoring advertisements that are not relevant to them. Once a follower likes the company’s Facebook business page, a relevancy hurdle is overcome. As custom audiences are Facebook’s most significant marketing weapon, marketers can measure it by sponsoring a video post. They can also retarget users who viewed it for a notable amount of time.

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Marketers can also upload their mail list to Facebook, and the platform will pair email addresses to users’ profiles. The match rate is said to be 50-80%. Another way is to target “friends of page likes” to enhance the page-building strategy. With this method, Facebook will show users the number of friends that like your page before showing the ad.

Marketers can consider adopting these approaches to increase engagement on existing Facebook business pages or if they are planning to start a new page.